when Eid arrives let's make the dish menu specially steady dose tentunya.yaitu Opor ayam..jumplah takaran bahan dan bumbu harus kita sesuaikan sop bila yang mau di masak banyak tentunya bumbu dan bahannyaya juga banyak

we have to prepare the material is

1. The half chicken or the taste that has been chopped

2. 1 cup coconut milk 

3.1 cups water

4.1 bay leaves 

5.2 The lemongrass leaves were already in crushed

6. iodized salt, sugar, flavoring according to our wishes

7. The taste of cooking oil for sauteing
and that in tumbukmeliputi

1.3 red onions

2. 2 cloves garlic fried pecan putih5.buah first

3.1 spoon coriander

4.setengah nutmeg in sigar so 2

6. 3 cm galangal and turmeric 2cm and 3cm ginger

after the material collected now is the time to cook, steps following steps

chicken meat boiled briefly and then set aside, do not forget to wash out
then saute the ingredients are already in the mash until huk.lalu cook until the chicken is cooked until Alus last until fragrant

enter adn coconut milk and water and mix with salt and sugar and flavoring to taste each and enter the dau greetings and lemongrass and chicken meat is put into the dough boiled until cooked and then lift the chicken curry prepared in the present

nahhh sop how easy it .... let's practice

and enter the meat boiled chicken that we have had to the dough ad

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