Skin Cancer recognize - signs, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin Cancer recognize - signs, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Skin Cancer recognize - signs, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Cancer Characteristics and Symptoms. Skin cancer is a type of cancer that is more common in people with white skin pigment. But this certainly does not rule out the possibility that skin cancer will not attack people with dark skin. This is because skin cancer is basically caused by dangerous UV rays that expose our kulit.tubuh

White people tend to be more at risk because they have a protective pigments from UV rays much less than the blacks. With the onset of extreme weather and global warming phenomenon, it is very important for you to recognize the characteristics of skin cancer that can take steps to prevent in order to avoid this deadly disease, or even to take medication when the medication is not severe 

Skin Cancer recognize - signs, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

signs of skin cancer and its causes

A.tumors or tompel or lumps which can be seen from the outside.

This is what causes skin cancer tend to have the least risk of death, because its characteristics can be easily recognized, so that medical attention can be done more quickly. In addition, the skin is also an organ that is farthest from the main human vital organs, so that the possibility of its spread require a longer time.

Type lumps on skin cancer symptoms are signs of a possible early-stage skin cancer. If you find a lump unnatural, meaning that suddenly appeared and have never felt before, then consider the following:

Less bumpy shape irregular or asymmetrical. So that the shape of the left and right look different.
Limit their periphery bump that looks uneven and tends to have a rough texture.
Lumps have uneven color or graded, for example a dark color in the middle and a light brown color on the edges to the boundary edge.
Large diameter bump unnatural, compared with the diameter of a pencil.

The form is fickle if observed carefully. To prove this point you can take photos or tompel bump on the first day you know. Then do the photo shoot the next week, to observe whether there are changes in shape, color, or size.
While the characteristics of other skin cancers is with a lump that feels itchy or sore to the touch. Observe if there is a small wound on the skin that continues to bleed so tend not recover. This could be the symptoms of skin cancer.

t Skin cancer is a malignant type of cancer that attacks the skin area, attacking the body parts that open by the skin, thus making the state and condition of physical and mental health of a person becomes uncomfortable.

If making a timely diagnosis of skin cancer, it will be very helpful in the process of treatment for cancer of the skin.

Someone who has elderly, such as 50-60 years old, have the greatest risk of developing skin cancer. However, in this case a lot of people who are lazy and do not want to be bothered by the process of medical examination. The following will explain the methods of treatment of skin cancer.

1. The first step to Carry Skin Cancer Screening:

Staring at the mirror towards the bottom, the position of the body in a state of not wearing any clothes, can first start of the palms, then check the palms, fingers, upper arm and forearm.

Then, the next step lift both arms up, elbows curve of the hand, and do a careful examination on the part of the forearm are also part of joints.

• Examine the front of the body, starting from the examination of the face, neck, abdomen, chest, part of the intimate areas, then the upper thigh and lower thigh.
Examination menganngkat body side with both hands up, the first step check the body to the left, and then check the body's right side.
Then later, his back turned toward the mirror or mirrors, use a small mirror to be easily grasped hands, see the back of the neck, back, hips, arms and back. If you feel difficult, you can ask for help to a relative or relatives, and your spouse, in order to examine the back.
You can ask the help of someone to fix my hair and skin examination lakuanlah part of your head, if there is something suspicious on your scalp or not.

The next step, you can sit down, and then check the parts of your feet, from the heel, toe and the soles of the feet, if examination of the lower legs are finished, then immediately you take a mirror to check on the calves the front and on the back, observe carefully, whether there are signs of a lesion or not.
While the medical diagnosis, the initial examination conducted by dokteer skin. An experienced dermatologist can usually find out by simply observe part of a lump that is above the skin surface is benign or malignant tumors.

2. Points Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Here are some points that must be considered in the diagnosis of skin cancer.

First of all, you must pay attention to the materials or substances associated or in direct contact with your skin. Beware, the occurrence of skin cancer for people who have a chronic skin disease, and people who work in fields related to radioactive substances, in the field of coal and bitumen used for road. Because it is an important base in diagnosi skin cancer.
If you have abnormalities in the skin, then it must be considered and the suspect. As quoted from the experts in oncology hospitals Modern Cancer Guangzhou said, if you find a nodule that is hard on the skin surface, and the edges swelling or bulging, and there is growth in the vicinity, beware, because the chances are that it is a skin cancer, particularly for those who have entered the age of 40 years.

And lastly, you can perform a medical exam to diagnose skin cancer histopathology. Medical examination of histopathology is very important, because the results are accurate. If the results show you have cancer of the skin, is expected do not panic, you can determine the next treatment step in accordance with kodisi illness you suffered. Do consult with an expert, to get the good treatment is also effective.
Symptoms of Skin Cancer
Cancer is a type of disease that is feared by people in all corners of the world. Cancer affects all parts of the human body, the skin is no exception, so-called skin cancer.

Skin cancer is generally more common in people with white skin pigment, but not necessarily skin cancer do not attack people who are black or dark. Basically, skin cancer caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun to the skin.

Skin cancer is a growing cancer cells and attacks the skin, if it does not soon get help from a medical, tesebut cancer cells can spread and invade other parts of the body organs.

Because some things disebababkan of the work environment or the environment, making the incidence of skin cancer continues to occur and the number is increasing.

However, there are still many patients who do not understand the symptoms of skin cancer. As said by an expert from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, that the identification of the condition of skin cancer that is not timely, of course it makes the patient becomes less fortunate. So, what are the symptoms of skin cancer? Following his explanations.

1. Symptoms of Skin Cancer

These symptoms are generally caused by keratosis, leukoplakia, and various other types of cancer. The occurrence of a wound or ulcer, is a cause of early growth becomes rapid. In general, squamous cell carcinoma mixed with purulent infections, stench, and pain. In this case, will be found many local lymph gland metastasis.
Bassal Cell Carcinoma

At the onset of this cancer type, there are no symptoms. In the early stages of its growth will be shaped papules substrate patch of hard, there is also a form of stand verrucos, and then at ulceration turn into lesions ulcers, with random shapes and edges protruding like the mouth of the volcano, and at the bottom is uneven and growth is very slow.
Patients squamous cell carcinoma is more common in the age of 30-50 years, whereas patients Bassal cell carcinoma tends to occur at the age of 50 years.

Squamous cell carcinoma in a relatively short time can grow rapidly, while Bassal cell carcinoma growth is very slow.

Squamous cell carcinoma can be easily grown on the lower lip, the nose, the tongue part, vulva and skin mucus intersection.

While basal cell carcinoma can be easily grown in parts of the eye socket, the inner canthus, nose, cheeks, forehead, and all areas of the head are also neck.

2. Clinical Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Color: In general, skin cancer brown, black, red, white or blue color mixed uneven, vigilance needs to be increased, when menjumpati mole changes color.
The edge: At the edge of the general will become more prominent and jagged. This is because the tumor has spread automatically toward approximately degeneration.

Surface: In general, the surface will be smooth and not too rough, and part of the surface will be shaped into squamous or flaky desquamation. Sometimes in this regard, there is exudate or errhysis, and the lesions become stand higher above the surface of the skin.
On the skin around the lesion will appear edema, causing loss of light from the skin radiance and color changed to white or gray.
Abnormal taste: In the local area, generally there will be itching, burning or pain suppress.
Skin Cancer Treatment
Skin cancer is a malignant tumor which attacks or occur on the skin. Type of skin cancer is the most common or common is squamous cell carcinoma and squamous cell types Bassal.

Skin cancer can easily occur due to exposure to UV rays directly toward the surface of the skin. Some of the main factors that cause skin cancer as follows:

1. Rays X-ray and thermal radiation.
2. Exposure to sunlight.
3. chemicals, such as arsenic, petroleum, asphalt, and coal.

And some other substances, which can cause skin cancer. Therefore, to prevent skin cancer, we should avoid things that have been mentioned or described above.

Some Types Of Skin Cancer Treatment

Proper treatment, not only on the basis or based on the results of histologic examination in the diagnosis of skin cancer, but also must be based on the results of the anatomical position, the patient's age, gender, as well as the circumstances and the general health condition of the patient.

In treatment, anatomical position that must be considered is the easy part or relapse after undergoing treatment through surgery, selalin that there are also parts that can achieve results in line with expectations of a treatment plan, for example, part of the area around the eyes,

the area around the nose, around the ear area is an area that has a recurrence rate is high enough, so it must choose a method of treatment has a high success rate as well.

The state of the health condition of skin cancer patients should be considered, if impaired coagulation or blood clotting occurs, or when the anti-coagulant therapy process, it must do the treatments do not cause any bleeding.

For this treatment can use Ar-He knife therapy cryosurgery, radiopartikel therapies and immunotherapies. In addition, elderly patients and patients too fragile a skin cancer that occurs in women.

After treatment with a long-term way of radiotherapy, there are times when the pain can not be retained by the patient, then you can choose the type of treatment of Chinese and Western medical collaboration, the targeted therapy.

Ar-He knife 1.Terapi Cryosurgery.
Ar-He knife is a kind of combination of ultra frozen technique and heat in the treatment of tumors. From the tip of the needle is removed quickly argon gas, so as to freeze the tumor lesions in just a matter of time per second, to a temperature of -120 ° C to -165 ° C, and are able to form into a ball of ice and tumor tissues contained in ice will be "hunger-cold".

In this case, the state of "hunger" is a blood shortage or ischemia, lack of oxygen is called hypoxia, it is also because in a state of very low temperatures -165 ° C, so as to render the tumor tissue coagulation nekrosiss.

When the needle tip with quick release helium gas, can raise the temperature to 20 ° C-40 ° C, so as to achieve results in destroying tumor tissue, with the ball breaking and melting of the ice hard.

2. Planting Therapy Radiopartikel
The type of cancer Bassal cella cell carcinoma and squamous carcinoma is a type of cancer that is highly sensitive to radiotherapy treatment.

Before determining the radiotherapy treatment, first consider the patient's age, gender of the patient, age suffered tumor, anatomical position, the success rate and recurrence rate, and the latter is a result of the treatment performed.

Particles I 125 is a type of energy from radionuclides, which can emit light with continuous within the very near future, so as to kill tissue tumor cells, and from the tumor effect of radiation, so as to achieve the same treatment to remove the tumor through operation.

3. Somatic Cells immunotherapies.
Somatic cell therapy with immunotherapy is entering immune cells which have the activity against cancer cells that enter the body skin cancer patients,

so it can kill tumor cells directly, or can stimulate anti-tumor response in the immune response to be increased. Somatic cell therapy immunotherapy is green tea,

This therapy has the benefit can clean cells remaining cancer cells in the blood or dormancy completely.

4. Treatment of Chinese and Western Medical Collaboration Using Targeted Therapy.
therefore, the advantages of Chinese medicine and western medical collaboration in the fight against cancer together, with the advantages of each,

so that the treatment results of this collaboration is superior compared to the results of any single treatment. Possessed of treatment techniques in minimally invasive target stable, accurate,

fierce in combat and kill tumor cells, can heal cancer patients for treatment with the maximum.

Treatment of medical collaboration and western China, at the same time can adjust the balance and also help the body fight cancer, boost immunity, and health quality of the body was to be increased.

expert or experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou said: If you experience symptoms that have been mentioned at the top, then immediately came to the hospital for examination, appropriate treatment, and do not regret it later on.

 Thus we review  recognize skin cancer - signs, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment of this article may be useful for us all and of course I also wish to express many thanks to his visit hopefully we will arrange a meeting at another time with a different title

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