Some diseases are handled by doctors spialis skin

Some diseases are handled by doctors spialis skin

Some diseases are handled by doctors spialis outer skin as an organ of the body, the skin at risk for a variety of disorders. Any actual prevailing conditions are handled by a dermatologist?

Skin diseases have so many kinds to more than 3,000 species. Some of them can be attacked by the skin, hair, nails, and other body parts, such as the lining of the mouth, nose, and eyelids. Dermatologist duty diagnose and provide treatment for these diseases.

Some diseases are handled by doctors spialis skin

1. Diverse Causes

As the largest organ of the body, the skin is the body's first patron in the face of bacteria and injury. Skin irritation can be caused by infection, heredity, autoimmune disorders, and others. Here are some conditions that are generally handled by a dermatologist.

2. their Acne

Classified as the most common skin disease. Acne is caused by a disturbance in the pores and oil glands of the skin. To treat acne, you need to know the type of acne and how to anticipate and remove acne scars, which can cause psychological distress to the sufferer.

3. Disorders of the nails
Nails that grow toward the inside is one of the most common nail disorder occurs.

4. Problems in the hair
A frequent problem encountered is that hair loss is influenced by hereditary factors or due to certain conditions, such as alopecia which causes baldness, until the head lice in children.

5. Eczema and dermatitis
Conditions due to swelling and inflammation of the skin rash.

6. psoriasis
Identified with symptoms of reddened skin or scaly and silvery due to an autoimmune disorder that occurs in chronic skin.

7. the incidence of skin cancer
Type of skin cancer that is common is melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and mukuosa cell carcinoma.

in addition, there are also some types of skin diseases caused by infection such as:
fungal infections
Caused by the fungus Candida group, the infection can infect the skin, nails, and scalp. Generally classified as mild infections, but in some people with weak resistance, this condition may be more serious.

warts disease

Warts occur because the virus infects the top layer of skin, causing benign skin growth that is contagious. A dermatologist can help remove warts with a variety of techniques appropriate to the patient.

Shingles disease

Known in Indonesia as smallpox or smallpox snake fire due to viral infection. Can cause a painful rash, even at risk of distracting the eye. The treatment is done primarily to accelerate the healing process and prevent the emergence of pain from the former rash, itching, until the numbness.

Determining Diagnosis
Before determining the diagnosis of certain diseases, the dermatologist will study the person's medical history. The doctor will also ask a variety of questions related to the perceived conditions, such as the presence of itching or pain, the intensity of sun exposure, the amount of intake of food, drugs that are used, and others.

for the next step, a dermatologist will perform a physical examination is generally done by lamplight. If necessary, a dermatologist will use a Wood's lamp or dermatoscope to diagnose.

After examination, the doctor will determine the appropriate type of treatment. If you're still uncertain, the doctor will take a skin sample for more detailed examination in the laboratory and make sure the specialist histopathology.

how to Choose Skin Doctor

Dermatologist who are already trained and experienced medical help to diagnose the disease and appropriate treatment.
Some of the criteria are considered when choosing a dermatologist, the scientific understanding of microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, and physiology. Dermatologists also should have knowledge about the symptoms of skin diseases caused by diseases of other organs in the body.

Another criterion when choosing a dermatologist is

doctors who have basic skills surgery, neurology, and endocrinology.

If needed, you can choose a dermatologist for a particular specialization. Eg cosmetic dermatologist is expected to help improve the skin's appearance. There is also dermatopathology that will help diagnose skin diseases through the sample and surgical specialists to handle cases of skin cancer.

Currently the health information and disease widely circulated in various media that are useful as an initial reference. But then if you feel the conditions that interfere with the skin, immediately consult a dermatologist. The doctor will perform a diagnosis and advise the best treatment for you.

Thus our review regarding Some diseases are handled by a doctor spialis skin. I hope this article is useful for readers who always have been visiting this blog may we arrange a meeting at another time with a different title

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