under standing the benefits of the Laser Skin Care:

under standing the benefits of the Laser Skin Care:

under standing the benefits of the Laser Skin Care: Skin Care deng to us and the laser is a step in the use of lasers to repair damage to the skin or remove the black stain on the skin. This action is the right choice for people who want to have smoother skin and look younger. Laser skin treatment is also known as laser vaporization or flaking. we know that for a laser skin treatment, also known as laser skin rejuvenation.

Laser skin treatment will use laser technology to transmit light waves are short in certain areas of skin. Laser separating molecular bonds and steaming the skin cells that result in removal of the skin layer. In the treatment of laser skin, the epidermis, or outer layer of skin, will be lifted. At the same time, the skin layer of the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin, heated, stimulate skin cells to produce elastin and collagen fibers. Laser is used as a skin treatment in curbing damage to the damaged skin and promote wound healing and skin repair. The healing process to produce new skin cells resulting layer of skin becomes smoother and firmer.

under standing the benefits of the Laser Skin Care:

Laser skin treatment currently used in the treatment of various skin problems. Wrinkles, wrinkles and other fine lines on the other face can be treated by either using laser skin treatment. You can also obtain the benefits of laser skin treatment if your skin damaged by the sun, scars small or shallow, acne scars or wounds or lesions due to dilated blood vessels known as telangiectasia. Signs of strain can be reduced, but not eliminated completely. Laser skin rejuvenation is generally not recommended for someone who has very dark skin and people with active acne problems.

One major advantage of using a laser skin rejuvenation is a treatment can be tailored to the needs of patients, by targeting the specific area of ​​the skin and lesions.

for Laser type most often used

There are usually two types of lasers commonly used in the treatment of skin on our bodies. Carbon dioxide or CO2 laser pick-function thin layer of skin, with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue due to the heat. Recovery time usually lasts for about two weeks. whereas erbium lasers minimize tissue damage surrounding skin so that complications such as redness and swelling can be avoided. This action is more effective in eliminating scars and faster recovery time. Between them, the carbon dioxide laser is more likely to result in injury and hipopegmentasi compared with erbium laser.

Fractional laser photothermolysis is the latest technology of laser skin rejuvenation. With this technique, fractional laser light is used, delivering a small ray bursts, right down to the skin. This method allows the action carried out with greater precision with less risk, without disturbing the skin healthy and normal between the treatment area.

Laser skin treatment itself can be used to reduce the irregularities of the skin or can be used in conjunction with other plastic surgery, such as liposuction or other cosmetic surgery, to smooth and tighten the skin surface.

Now the question arises Who is Eligible for the Laser Skin Care?

If you want to know whether the laser skin treatment is appropriate for you, you are advised to consult with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon you. It's important that you find a health care professional experience in laser techniques. They can determine if you are eligible to take action to laser skin treatments. They can also discuss with you how this treatment works and helps you to make a realistic decision and seek your expectations with respect to this action.

Tell your doctor if you experience fever, allergies, wounds, or blisters because this treatment can lead to the onset of rash in patients with high risk. You will be asked to consume certain drugs before the action is performed. Your doctor will probably suggest uses topical retinoids (topical) or taken antibiotics before the procedure to prepare your skin and prevent the development of infection. You must quit smoking for at least two weeks and reducing sun exposure.

Laser skin treatment is an outpatient basis, which means that you can go home the same day. This action may last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on which part of your skin that will be dealt with. Local anesthetic is usually given before the action is performed. If the action area is wide enough, you may be sedated during the action was taken to maintain the security of our bodies.

Recovery and Care after no action

if we have the treatment done, you will be taught how to care for your skin after the action well. You should wash the area several times a day and put ointment or cream. This helps to prevent the formation of sores in the area being treated. You will also be required to use a sunscreen cream after treatment. Erythema or redness and swelling may occur after the action is performed. You may have to compress the area cool and keep your head higher, especially during sleep. In some patients, steroids may be given to reduce swelling. This condition can usually be resolved within two weeks after the action. Ornamental face or make-up can usually be used after a few days. Ask your dermatologist or plastic surgeon you for specific instructions after treatment occurred.

After laser skin treatment, you will be asked to remain bekonsultasi doctor. This will allow your doctor to evaluate your skin and your progress regularly. You may be given a topical medication, such as retinoic acid or hydroquinone after a few weeks, to accelerate healing by using this laser cuts and the return of the skin condition.

OK As other actions, complications may arise after the action of skin rejuvenation using this laser. Infection can occur, especially when antibiotics are not used as recommended. Hypopigmentation, or a lighter color on the treated area compared with other parts of the skin, can also occur. This condition usually depends on how deep the laser penetrates the skin. Also, due to laser skin treatment resulted in injury to the skin, hypertrophic scars and keloids can also be formed. This condition can be avoided by using certain topical medication. If you are prone to keloids, you should tell your doctor before the procedure is done. In general, complications after this action happening is very low.

typically Most patients who undergo laser skin treatment will be satisfied with the results. Maybe he got the termination of instantaneous healing, then there will be significant progress. This condition usually lasts six months prior to the end result of these actions can be seen. In some patients, follow-up should be done several months after the initial treatment. Laser skin treatment is generally a safe action when performed by a physician experienced professionals and experts in it berkualitas.dan

Thus this review of the under standing the benefits of the Laser Skin Care: This article may be useful to readers who always need information ini.semoga we arrange a meeting at another kesempataan with different post title

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