15 tips when feeding the homeless polite

15 tips when feeding the homeless polite

15 tips when feeding the homeless who mannered us as social beings we should be also concerned about the people who are bearing the homeless, Are you interested to assist in ensuring that human beings still get food? This activity is very commendable if you still can help to add something to humanity at the same time is difficult, where most people have turned into human egois.dan kenyataaan in society he seemed to not care about the people around who are experiencing shortages

15 tips when feeding the homeless polite

OK let's let's get started, Here are the steps to make a change! for the proper measures

1. Make Effort Every Day

Keep a box of food in your car. Most of us do not have access directly to the homeless community. Maybe we'll find them when we're driving or crossing the street, but this is usually very rare. So be prepared to save a lunchbox in your car (or car your mama!). One or two large bags of nonperishable food is a good way to prepare.

For nonperishable food, think about simple food. Cereal bars, fruit or canned vegetables, peanut butter, or maybe candy - anything that can be directly opened and eaten (that are not easily crushed potato chips)

Do not forget pet food! It is estimated that 10% of homeless people have pets that accompany them. This means there is a 1 in 10 people homeless! Pet food may be helpful - if no one is giving food to their pets, then this would be an additional problem that must be considered.

2. Set up some gift cards. for them

As you know, that most cashiers are currently providing in rows gift card that works to increase sales. Instead of spending your money in vain, to use for a good thing! You could easily take 1 or 2 a gift card to anywhere. Now, where would you go?
Set up is as simple as Starbucks, McDonald's, Wal-Mart, or Target. Even cards worth Rp50.000,00 alone can be tremendous movement. You can easily carry a gift card to anywhere!

3. Keep your recycling bin.

Remember As you probably know, the homeless can usually be around to collect bottles and cans. We all have recycling bins that can be donated to someone who actually needs. So, save your recycling bin. Hey, after all, it also allows you and an act that is advantageous to both parties.

4. Donate to Food Drive (an organization that collects food and give it to the people can not afford).

if you do not find in school or workplace, find out in your community. Some organizations may have a food drive programs that run throughout the year. Check in newspapers, local schools and other resources.
If you do not find a food drive in your area, there are many other ways to donate food! Contact shelters, churches, and the coalition to ask what they need. It would be very helpful, especially in the holidays

5. Do not give cash. to them

I'm sure you probably might've been listening to this before and we will repeat it again: when you give money, who knows how they would use the money? Some organizations say that giving cash will make them remain in the streets because they will not go looking for shelter and the coalition.
However you may also provide funds to non-profit organizations that help the homeless or the like. When you help those who help others, your money will be very effective because they know what to do!

6. Participating in Your Community

Work with your local church program. They have different names in each city, but one of them is the Catholic Charitable Activities (Catholic Charities) is an organization of collection and distribution of aid for this kind of event. They are not interested in whether you are Catholic. They will also be very grateful for any help that you beriksan!
You will make a positive change with a contribution in the form of time, money, or clothes. People who usually seek help at church is not particularly religious; they only know that they will be looking for people who tend to be helpful.

7. Making data storage. Internet and yellow page

This step will be very helpful. When you have collected all the data, you can do the following things:
Phone and ask how so you can help others. Some might need volunteers, there is need of food, and there is also a need of personal belongings etc.
Prepare information on when you talk to the homeless. Giving them food will make them satisfied for today only, but by letting them know about the shelter will give them food for a period much longer.

8. Call soup kitchen (a place that provides food to homeless people in the United States) in your area -

for in Indonesia, a common kitchen. Why you should stop donating food when you can help prepare? Because homeless people not only need food, they also need a face full of smiles. You can help restore their confidence in humanity just to help with sincere and make them feel they cared for by the community.

9. Fundraising.

oke arising ourselfs Do you want to make a greater effort? Make fundraising activities at school or your workplace! It would be better if you could gather some of your friends because the more people that get involved, the more people you can help. This activity is a very good idea, be it only for a day or a month.
For larger fundraising, do promotions! Create flyers and then distribute, send electronic mail, create the cry (shout outs) in Facebook - anything you can do to invite more people. Even if one person just donated one dollar, this will also be very helpful!

We should 10. Following local coalitions.

Maybe you do not know that there is a coalition in your area whose main purpose is to help the homeless. They are a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the number of homeless on the streets. Join them!
In the United States, call 211 or 311 can connect you with an emergency phone line if you find someone who needs help. An emergency operator will contact someone from the coalition to immediately go to the location. [1]

11. Hold a food drive. for them

the next step you can organize food drive as fundraising! Sometimes people tend to be more willing to donate food rather than money - we are aware of the shortcomings in the wallet. Start of school or workplace! Create a goal and attain that goal. Now how long you will live?

Continue to struggle! Call the newspaper or news station. Who would refuse if you have a good reason? Post on social media and invite your friends - you will need the support!

12. Involve government in this affair.

Because they are not too much to vote at a general election, then they will not get too much attention when it comes to the legislature. You must take the initiative!
This time the event "Bring America Home Act" in the United States is trying to push through legislation. [2] For more information, visit National's largest coalition of homeless.
In addition to the existing business, write a letter! The more representative a letter you receive, the more likely he will sit up and take notice.

13. Follow the existing political lokal.yang

Board member and you do not do anything? You can join directly in politics! Even being on the school board is already a beginning of a step in the right! Sometimes, people will not talk to you, so you should be able to speak for yourself!
Start pertemuaan we should attend the committee for the starters. Make friends with people who should know. You will find it difficult to start their own momentum. Other people may also feel this way, so join them!

14. Help the humanitarian community.

when we provide food to the homeless is a good thing, but why stop there? When they already own a home, so they can live a quieter and have more money to eat. Do not just think of the shelter - donate your time as well!
You can also feed the workers in the community! Contact your local division to ask if you may sponsor a lunch or, help build a lemonade stand. Anything that can help!

15. Start with a local program.

in the event It definitely requires more effort - persetujuaan community, surgery preparation costs, licensing is required, and so on. But this is something that allows

Thus our review about, 15 tips when feeding the homeless who mannered . this article is beneficial to us all and do not forget I want to say many thanks for his visit hopefully we will arrange a meeting again on another occasion

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