7 easy ways treatment of hair loss in women veiled

7 easy ways treatment of hair loss in women veiled

7 easy ways treatment of hair loss in women veiled okay this is the title that will be discussed this time considering how difficult and anxious when we experience it. certainly different from women who were not veiled. Because the veil is increasingly popular among Muslim women in Indonesia, it is no wonder if many Muslim woman who has now started wearing the hijab. However, one of the problems often experienced by veiled women is hair loss. Hair loss in women veiled indeed already a common problem. Because, usually veiled woman's hair is usually more humid, resulting in hair loss. Therefore, the veiled woman in need of special hair treatments to keep hair protected and healthy. so kitaa was aakaan remain confident in all the time

then to overcome hair loss in women veiled, then you have to perform various tips Hair loss treatment in women veiled so that the loss can be overcome. Because if left unchecked could lead to more severe hair loss and make you uncomfortable. Loss on veiled women themselves usually caused due to perspiration on the scalp because it is often covered by a veil, so this is what causes the hair to become itchy and also loss due to dandruff. Therefore, you must treat the hair appropriately while veiled in order to overcome the loss on your hair. so that our hair will be healthy every day

7 easy ways treatment of hair loss in women veiled

this is the way to treat hair in women veiled hopefully this can make a guide for Muslim women who wear hijab happy every day

1. choose the right materials hijab

especially those women who veil, the hijab should you choose appropriate materials that can absorb sweat well. In addition, the material also select the hijab does not accumulate to facilitate air circulation so more smoothly. Because if you choose the material improper veiling it will cause the head is sweating, causing dandruff triggering hair loss. we

2. Do not wear a headscarf when wet hair

How to cope with hair loss on the next veiled woman is to avoid using a hijab when hair was wet. This could increase the moisture of your hair so the hair easy to fall off and the smell of the saucer. To overcome this problem, we recommend using a fan prior to dry your hair. So the hair is dry when the veil.
 and does not wet the veil we

3.lakukan shampooing with regular

The next step is to conduct regular shampooing. Make shampooing every two times a day. Not too often and not for too long to wash. Because shampooing is one way to clean up oil until the dirt on the hair. In addition, when shampooing you should use the right shampoo for your hair. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type.

4.hindari tie your hair too tight

Further the way for other hair care for the veiled woman is by not tying your hair too tight. In addition, avoid using rubber bands to tie your hair. This can create trauma to the scalp and hair that could eventually lead to hair loss worse.

5. Use a soft ciput

Next tip is to use a scarf or ciput innards are also absorb perspiration like cotton or jersey material.

6. off the veil while at home

the next step to make your hair breathe properly, preferably off the veil when at home. This is to give time to rest and breathe for your hair. So with no headscarf at home, the hair more freely.

7. Do not wear hair care products in the long term

remember if you want to keep hair healthy and beautiful also should avoid the use of hair care products of the chemical in the long term. In addition, also avoid hair coloring products and tools catokan curling or hair. This will actually make the hair more easily damaged.

7 easy ways that some treatment of hair loss in women veiled to you. May be useful! and no lua also I say many thanks for his visit hopefully we will arrange a meeting at another time with a different post title

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