7 ways to skin care Acne and Oily Skin Naturally

7 ways to skin care Acne and Oily Skin Naturally

7 ways to skin care Acne and Oily Skin Naturally a lot of permasalaahaan that arise in our bodies all alone eg acne. The human skin consists of various types including no oily skin and acne, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. Every woman wants to have a normal skin, because the skin that normally would not be complicated or will many problems. Unlike dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and acne.

Your skin, lest you have skin problems as a result of the wrong skin care. In this article will discuss about the care of oily and acne prone skin. Oily skin is skin that is easy to remove the oil, just a few hours using makeup, makeup is used faded and the face was like a refinery.

in addition, oily skin will easily dull and problems experienced by owners of oily skin is the presence of blackheads and pimples. why is it so ?, this is due to the oil content in the pores will accumulate and cause blackheads jerawat.sehingga our appearance would be bad

then when already a skin problem even more complex and numerous. For women, would want to have healthy skin and without acne. Unfortunately, women who have outdoor activities and obese tend to have oily skin. Do not be discouraged, for those who have oily skin and acne is no care facial acne and oily naturally you can for you to try at home. so no need to go to a salon that is only going to spend our money

7 ways to skin care Acne and Oily Skin Naturally

OK Here are some acne and oily skin care naturally that you can try: let us follow ulasanya

1. use Cucumber Mask

During this time a cucumber or cucumber is often referred to simply be considered as fresh vegetables that accompany your meal. But who would have thought the cucumber is usually just so vegetables can be used as a cucumber mask that could reduce oil production in the face. Cucumbers contain astringent substances that can be used in the oil-reducing face.

Way 1

To make cucumber mask, it is very easy at all. For the first way you can cut the cucumber with a round shape and put it on your face for fifteen minutes, it setalh rinse using clean water.

The trick 2

The second way is to destroy the cucumber pulp into granules smooth and put it on the face and allowed to stand for 15 minutes. After that flush using clean water. Fresh face and reduced facial skin oil will soon get.

2. Fruit Lime

Lime so far only known as an ingredient in a fresh drink, but behind the freshness and acidity of lime has such great benefits for the skin. How acne and oily skin care is alamimenggunakan lime actually not new because it has been a long time our ancestors first use lemon juice as an ingredient for beauty care for the face and hair.

The content of Lime

The content of lemon rich in vitamin C of orange make it useable as rejuvenate the skin and smoothes the skin. Not surprisingly, since time immemorial, many beauty products made from lemon juice. To care for oily and acne using lemon juice you can make a mask of orange nipis.sendiri


How to make it very easy, slices of lemon into a round, then mix using egg whites. Let stand for a few minutes until it dries. After that wash your face using clean water. Feel the difference on your face, your face will feel smoother and more abrasive and oil on your face is reduced.

The trick 2

okay for facial acne treatment is a little bit different, how to squeeze the lemon, the juice was collected into a clean cup. After that oleskanlah the lime juice to your face using a cotton swab, Let stand for 15 minutes, after dry rinse using cold water. Do it regularly every day, your face will soon be free of acne.

3. Water use Rose

How acne and oily skin care naturally the third is to use rose water. Wash your face using a water bath of rose every morning so that your face free from oil and sunny every day. The content of astringent that exist in rose water is also believed to reduce the oil content in the face.

4. Cosmetic Right did Elections

Be smart when choosing cosmetics, particularly for those who have oily skin and prone. If you're acne prone skin must not be doing pengempesan on acne by squeezing because this will lead to infection and cause your skin perforated. If sudha perforated exhausted push of acne scars it will cause black scars. For acne prone skin are prohibited from using beauty products that brighten. Forbidden to wear coarse granulated scrubs because it would make the acne gets worse and worse. Opt for acne and oily skin care naturally that no side effects.

5. Clay Mask

This mask must have invited a lot of attention of many parties, how can the clay can be used as a mask and useful in treating oily face. Clay can reliably absorb the oil content in the face so it is useful for the treatment of oily.

The trick

It is very easy, take one tablespoon of clay, add a few drops of lemon juice, then stir together lime lemon juice into a paste. Take the brush and then apply on your face. Avoid the eye area and wait for 20 minutes, after 20 minutes rinse with warm water that can close your pores.

6.pergunakan Mask Cinnamon Powder And Honey

Masks of cinnamon powder and honey mask is a combination of cinnamon powder and honey. The benefits of this mask to eliminate acne and reduce the oil content in the face.

The trick

How to make a very simple one, enter cinnamon powder as much as a teaspoon into a bowl then add as much as two teaspoons of honey. Then apply on face using a brush and wait up to 15 minutes. Rinse with water hangar for more leverage.

7. Face Facial 

There are practical ways that can be taken to treat acne prone skin and oily skin that is with facial face. In various beauty clinics have been provided various drugs and face cream facial support is so very effective in reducing acne and oily skin.

Should the type of food in Avoid covering

Not only from the outside only treatment that can be useful in the treatment of facial acne and oily naturally, but the treatment of inside also needed to cope with acne and oily face this. For you who have oily and acne avoid consuming these foods:

similar Gorengan
Oil content in fried foods will affect the face, oily if eating foods fried in oil will increase the levels in the face. Therefore, avoid foods that are fried. because this will make us arise jeraawat in our skin

Fatty foods
If you love to eat the skin and fatty foods from now avoid these foods, because fat will trigger acne arise more and evenly. Not only the fat content in the face will be more and more so that the pores clogged so that arose acne.

Skin care acne and oily skin requires proper way so as not to be seriously affected. Oily skin is one of the causes of cystic acne that is very harmful to the skin and penampilan.kita

Thus we review this time about 7 ways Acne and Oily Skin Care Natural hopefully this article useful for us all and I say many thanks for his visit hopefully we will arrange a meeting at another time with a different post title

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