A healthy lunch menu with 5 practical and natural

A healthy lunch menu with 5 practical and natural

A healthy lunch menu with 5 practical and naturally we usually feel confused when you want to eat something during the day .we know that the lunch menu is a practical and healthy do not need to use expensive materials and a lengthy process. Because a healthy diet can be made also of simple ingredients that can be found every day in an easy and practical ways to cook without making you feel tired or upset for too long in the kitchen.

This diet you can make at home one of them may exist in the following example. The process is simple, using ingredients that are easily available. So, try as soon as you know the recipe yuk let us follow ulasanya

A healthy lunch menu with 5 practical and natural

okay let's just we review the food menu during what is right for our health following

1.Makan lunch with Soups

yes this is the first menu been ascertained that the soup is one of the recipes and practical menu that you can make. Soup containing vegetables with the cooking process incorporating vegetables are harder beforehand as potatoes, carrots, corn, and cabbage. For other vegetables can be included after being cooked. Spices are used usually in the form of garlic, chicken broth, salt and a little pepper. so easy for us to create ssendiri and not complicated

2. Lunch with Egg Fried Rice

The next menu you will remember well the fried rice and egg plus. Now you can make a practical lunch menu. But note the use of the material. You can use onion and garlic and chili to suit your taste. for seasoning, use soy sauce, and a little sugar and pepper.

Also, use olive oil to replace margarine and coconut oil. You can also add vegetables but added last so as not overcooked. For eggs, make it a habit to make the egg is not very mature, and just use a little salt. it is also practical for our lunch menu

3. Lunch with pancake (Pancake)

we know that pancakes are easily made, and it was not just for breakfast, lunch can you ate pancakes fill with this. Ingredients to make pancakes using only flour, unsalated butter, sugar, milk and eggs. You can add any syrup or your favorite fruits such as strawberries, applesauce, cinnamon, and others. You can modify into a pancake salty sweet pancake with eliminating sugar in recipes.

4, lunch with Vegetable Acid

everyone must already know this vegetable acids. Vegetable acids are very fit to be enjoyed as lunch. In addition to a complete abortion, vegetable asampun has many benefits for materials contained in it. To enjoy the vegetable acids, you can add red rice instead of white rice. This is so the sugar in the body stay balanced and filling you in a long time.

5. Lunch with Gado - Gado

yes ... the recipe menu latter is gado gado, and you can make this handy menu for lunch. Vegetables that are in the gado gado is able to meet the diverse nutritional intake for your body. peanut sauce also makes protein intake met. so that the health of the body will be maintained

The lunch menu of practical and healthy exemplified above you can combine them and make the daily menus at lunchtime. If you work, you can bring lunch with a lunch menu so you do not have to buy food outside the unpredictability of ingredients and cooking process.

Thus we review today about healthy lunch menu with 5 practical and natural
   I hope this article is useful for solving the problem of lunch menu and hopefully we will arrange a meeting at another title opportunity by posting a different course

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