Compulsive overeating signs, the possible effects on health

Compulsive overeating signs, the possible effects on health

Compulsive overeating signs, the possible effects on health is our review we will consider this time, one eating disorders are prevalent among men and women are compulsive overeating. The disease is characterized by a lack of control over one's diet resulted in a dramatic increase in weight.

Compulsive overeating is usually developed during childhood when a person's eating habits to form. People who have not learned how to handle stressful situations satisfactorily observed to be more prone to get the disease than those who have the ability to deal with their problems directly. Recent research shows that the affected individuals to make use of foods to thwart the negative feelings and emotions. In other cases, food can also serve as a way for a person to handle and cope with daily stress, personal problems and emotional distress.

Compulsive overeating signs, the possible effects on health

Some affected individuals feel that the more they get, the more they can be protected from personal crime, which haunts their body fat. This is especially true in the case of people who suffer from sexual abuse. They may feel that they are bigger and fatter, they will be less attractive. Therefore, the weight gain may prevent the misuse of the same nature happening again.

Compulsive overeaters suffer alternating episodes of binge eating followed by feelings of guilt and depression. Among the warning signs that might tip

for signs of someone stricken with compulsive overeating is as follows

  1. , will experience Eating large amounts of food even when one is not feeling physically hungry
  2. , Eating at a faster pace than usual
  3. , Someone may already feel comfortably full but did not have the will to stop eating voluntarily
  4. , Not the usual preference of eating alone to hide / excessive eating habits of others
  5. , Feeling depressed or disgusted after each episode of bingeing
  6. , Having a history of marked weight fluctuations
  7. , Usually withdraw from group activities because of embarrassment to the weight of its own
  8. , Personal blame the failure weight
  9. , Tried many different diets in an effort to control weight
  10. , Weight Loss and Diet became the central figure in one's life

we should know that compulsive overeating can trigger some type of health complications in our body.

the type of disease that will arise when we suffer from compulsive eating excessive food covers

  1. hypertension or high blood pressure,
  2. heart abnormalities,
  3. high cholesterol levels,
  4. diabetes, arthritis,
  5. sciatica,
  6. emboli and
  7. hiatal hernia (disorder in which the stomach sticks out through the throat and chest).
  8. causing toxemia or pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, which may endanger the lives of pregnant mother and her unborn baby.

but it also There are some complications associated with this condition. Consequent weight loss that resulted from this condition may worsen the formation of varicose veins. It also may cause mobility problems. Overweight people known to be very easily tired and short of breath after even moderate physical activity. At worst, compulsive overeating can cause heart attacks and death. This is very scary when attacked between k

Like other types of bulimics, compulsive overeaters often realize thier habit of eating disorders but because the conditions are not taken seriously at this time, most people either directed to a health spa and diet centers not treated properly.

we know that compulsive overeating is more of a problem with the food and the eating habits of individuals. Rather, it is an indication of a more serious problem that may be hidden under layers and layers of false symptoms.

typically People suffering from compulsive overeating need help. They desperately need the support of experts and health experts. So if you, or anyone you know, showing the typical signs of this disease, please seek professional counseling today. Do not wait for tomorrow. Later may be too late. so penangananya can be quickly resolved because it is not severe

Thus a brief review of our on Compulsive overeating signs, the possible effects on health hopefully this article is really helpful for us all, of course for the readers everything and hopefully we arrange a meeting again on another occasion with the post title is no less interesting again

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