Healthy food for the body with 9 of these foods

Healthy food for the body with 9 of these foods

Healthy food for the body with this type of diet yes title coined the term which we will consider this time of course the food we consume every day to meet our nutritional intake and daily energy will greatly affect the activities and daily routine. Believe it or not that if we daily consume healthy foods will impact very well against us mute because of the energy we get from these healthy foods will help us in the activity.

we need to realize that by eating healthy foods with a good diet, of course, will give you a quality of ideal body. Since most people are eager to get the ideal body shape and you can make these tricks to get a slim body ideal addition to the barengi with sufficient exercise and regular.

What if you do not adjust your diet by eating healthy foods and not routine to do sports, do not dream to have a healthy body ideal. Surely it would be difficult for you if both healthy activity that you do not run with a regular and consistent.

okay on occasion very nmatch is a blog that talks about healthy foods, healthy beverages and culinary world will give an information about healthy foods for a healthy diet as well. Healthy foods will give effect or satiety for a long time, so with so you do not have to buy unhealthy snacks and is not good for your weight what if you're running a diet program so that later diet we can say we managed to laaksaanakaan perfectly

Healthy food for the body with 9 of these foods

okay let's just us review the kinds of healthy foods for the body that we should consume each day

1 Soybean

The first reviews of soy. soybeans, soy turned out to contain a lot of omega 3, iron and calcium which is of course very good for the growth of teeth and bones. For vegetarians, the food is very popular. Many preparations can be made with basic ingredients such as eg only soybean tempeh, tofu and soy milk healthy beverage.

2. Wheat

the second about gamdum. The food is quite popular in the outcome there could have been a say in the rice out there. Wheat is usually used as a basic ingredient of bread, in addition to the benefits of wheat can also be used as a healthy food for diet. Wheat alone in it there are vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin E and enriched fiber.

3. Salmon

The next healthy food we need to know is the food that we can get in the sea, as the salmon's life in the sea. Healthy food that one is very closely associated with seafood, because salmon can say as a popular seafood. The amino acid content of omega 3 is very high and the protein contained in it is very good for health, especially salmon is a food low in cholesterol.


This type of potato is food that can be used sebgai substitute our staple food is rice, because the ancients also been made potato as a staple food. Some of the vitamins contained in healthy food potatoes are vitamin A, B, E and C. In addition, it turns out sweet potatoes are also a healthy food that is low in calories.

4. Broccoli

These kinds of broccoli for a healthy food that is not liked by the children, whereas the benefits contained in broccoli is very good for the health of our bodies. Some of the content contained in broccoli is potassium, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A. Do not cook too overcooked broccoli so that we get the maximum benefit.

5. Red Beans

Okay further about red beans, For business-rich foods high in magnesium, iron, protein, fiber, phosphorus, minerals and vitamins, red beans can count on. Healthy food that is usually made in the course snack or soup tastes very good.

6. Vegetable Spinach

Already popular vegetables of course we are very familiar with this one vegetable, the article easily we can get spinach is around us. Turns spinach healthy food is very good for the hair and also the content of iron, magnesium, vitamin C and A are very good for our bodies.

7. Blueberry

These types of foods you can eat healthy foods this one new moment in the quotation or in other words are still fresh blueberries. Fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C is good for endurance.

8. Almonds

the next one as a healthy food source of fiber and protein, almonds in value as healthy food is certainly very good for our bodies. Besides being rich in fiber and protein, almonds are also rich in vitamin E, magnesium and iron. If you're running a program blood money then you should avoid almonds already in the feed sweets because it will make your blood money program failed.

9. Apples

delicious fruit in the meal, the delicious taste of this fruit that is in the trust as fruit antidote to cancer is a healthy food rich in vitamin C. Apples also can combat the disease potential of cholesterol and if you want to get the benefit of this apple to the maximum, should not waste the skin of the apple.

for that we also need to know that good food is a healthy food that contains a lot of protein, high in fiber and it contains high moisture content. What if the food healthy food meets the criteria above, then most of these healthy foods are foods in which there are minerals and vitamins are very high which is very good also for the health of our bodies.

okay so we review only this time the food is healthy for the body of this kind of food premises 9 artikl hopefully this  useful for everyone terutamaa for his readers and I also say many many thanks for his visit in this post

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