how to skin care during pregnancy in women ?

how to skin care during pregnancy in women?

how to skin care during pregnancy in a woman ? a lot of women who do not know how to skin care when she was pregnant most pregnant women know that what they are putting (or not putting) in their bodies is important for the well-being of their babies grow, whether it was proper protein too much caffeine, or certain types of fish. But many pregnant women may not know that what they put in their bodies is just as important.

reality has shown that the majority of us slather on lotion ocean every day, but we do not think about what might pass through the skin barrier and is absorbed into our bodies. With the baby growing in your stomach, this is an important issue. that special attention should be da

 says Sandra Marchese Johnson, a dermatologist with Johnson Dermatology in Fort Smith, Arkansas. "Everything you eat, apply, or come in contact with can affect not only you but also your baby,"

"Because some topical ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream, there are some you want to avoid," added Leslie Baumann, professor of dermatology at the University of Miami and author of The Skin Type Solution (Bantam, 2006).

 how to skin care during pregnancy in women?

product more robust and targeted to get, the more we need to be careful about what we have in our skin care regimen during pregnancy. While most commonly used product is absolutely safe, there are some ingredients that are considered potentially harmful to the baby grows. Below, see the guide for what to look for when shopping for beauty aisle.

If you plan to breastfeed, added Johnson, continue to follow the guidelines below record until you stop breastfeeding.

reviews Questions Pregnancy Safety

experts and our experts answer your most pressing questions about what is and is not safe during pregnancy.

These substances are powerful, found in some antiaging moisturizers, are lauded for helping reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone. Retinoids are vitamin A which accelerates cell division (speeding up your skin renewal) and prevent skin collagen from breaking down.

But in maksut retinoid is one ingredient skin care experts, including Baumann, recommend that pregnant women stay away from. Several studies have shown that high doses of vitamin A during pregnancy can harm the fetus. And oral retinoids, such as isotretinoin (Accutane, an acne treatment), is known to cause birth defects.

OK If you are already using skin creams that contain retinoids, do not panic. Retinoids have not been proven to cause problems in their topical form in pregnant women.

  Baumann said. "There is no data to show retinoid dangerous substances when used on the skin - doctors just being extra careful,"

we know a mild acid is used to treat certain skin disorders, including acne, and you can find it in a number of leather products, such as cleansers and toners. It can penetrate facial oils to get deep into the pores and cleanse the skin cells to die. Salicylic acid is in the aspirin family, so it can also help reduce inflammation or redness. BHA, or beta hydroxy acid, a form of salicylic acid and is used in some topical exfoliants to reverse signs of aging. that is our body padaa

But we need to know the salicylic acid is another no-no for pregnant women. high doses of acid in oral form has been shown in studies to cause birth defects and complications in pregnancy.

okay let me be clear again, be careful with the doctors recommend that pregnant women avoid the use of topical salicylic acid. a small amount applied to the skin - such as toners that contain salicylic acid used once or twice a day - are considered safe, says Johnson.

But there will be a strong concern about the face and body skin containing salicylic acid. "This kind of 'immersion' in the material that is similar to taking one or more aspirin when pregnant," he said.

"More products are used equals more absorption into the bloodstream," added Baumann. Always check with your doctor before having skin care. Better yet, he suggested, if you have to have skin that, had it done professionally at your dermatologist's office. A dermatologist will know how to do it safely during kehamilan.sehingga not endanger the health of pregnant mothers

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