Lessons to feed the hungry

Lessons to feed the hungry

 Wisdom feed those who are hungry, we should know that Imam Ibn Hibban narrated in the validity of the story of a devout of the Children of Israel who had not devote himself to God for 60 years.

a story that we can take a lesson one day, experts came out of the religious worship, inadvertently came across a woman's beautiful. The woman was flirting with her so that he forgets himself, and fornicate with it.

After he melkukan fornicating, there was deep regret on the account of the devout. He wept great to finally fainted. When he realized, he still regretted his actions. In the midst of tears pilunya, came a hungry beggar asking for mercy.

Lessons to feed the hungry

Incidentally, in his last two pieces of bread, and the wherewithal to beggars. Devout appetite was gone completely defeated remorse. In the midst of the depression, he finally died.

In the afterlife, it turns out his good deeds for 60 years is still lighter than the one indecency already done. Then, after his good form of alms that included two slices of bread, became Tremendous good deeds. So, he was pardoned.

for the brother, so. Worship for the sake of our worship is not enough to reach his paradise of God. Prayer, remembrance, recitations, fasting, Hajj even though not necessarily guarantee our salvation in the hereafter. Moreover, for the sake of sinners are sinners we would not stop.

Do not think that we should know the outward worship we've certainly lead us into heaven. Our ritual worship of personal nature is not complete without the accompaniment to our social charity. As the above story, 60-year savings alone worship is still less than one deed blunder.

raised the question Why? Because, it is the act of adultery. Adultery is a great sin. Fortunately, before parting with his body lives, the devout still had to give two pieces of bread to a beggar. With that, he was pardoned.

Feed others is a noble charitable cause. Glut of other persons is highly recommended Islamic charity. this is the right step if we want to do something

(HR Tirmizi) "Anyone believer believer feeding the hungry, on the day of Judgment Allah will give him the food from the fruits of Paradise. Anyone believing that watered the thirsty believer, on the Day of Resurrection, Allah will give him a drink of liquor heaven. Anyone believing that give other believers clothes so as not naked, on the Day of Resurrection Allah will give him clothing of jewelry paradise. ".

In another hadith narrated that the person who likes to feed others set for him a special door in heaven that no one should enter it other than himself and such with it (HR Thabrani).

Likes to feed others destined for shade on the day of reckoning. "Three Pekara anyone available to him, the future will be shaded by Allah under His Throne on the day there is no shade except His shade. Namely, perform ablution at the time of cold weather, come to the mosque despite the dark, and feed the hungry. "(Reported by Abu Muslim al-Ashbahani).

Feeding the hungry, including deeds to erase sins, inviting decline in grace, and lead to acceptance of repentance. Satisfied with the rituals of the individual is not enough.

The believer must equip themselves with social deeds. The Prophet SAW said, "No (perfect) faith that his stomach was full of hunger next-door neighbor." (Bayhaqi).

Remember How wonderful if we understand the teachings of Islam in its entirety. Islam is not an individualist doctrine, but doctrine that emphasizes the distribution of the goodness of the people.

we must know believer must be present to help his brother who had difficulty. Not merely on humanitarian grounds, but that the demands of faith.

Just so this review of the Wisdom feed the hungry people of this article may be useful for us all, of course for the readers everything and hopefully we are in pertemukaan on another occasion with a calm post title

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