story, anorexia help comes thanks intragram

story, anorexia help comes thanks intragram

story, anorexia help comes thanks intragram we should be aware that everything the disease will be cured without the suspect thought obatmya addition to simplify the exchange of information, a variety of social media is often considered a negative risk to the person, such as an addiction or an unhealthy lifestyle. But for Antonia Eriksson, instagram social media can save her from anorexia. This is a very memorable

a 18-year-old girl from Sweden have started posting a variety of healthy foods and fun that could help people with anorexia fight against eating disorders. Not to forget also he divides regarded as a moment of recovery of this condition is very meaningful to his life.

story, anorexia help comes thanks intragram

The bed when Eriksson received treatment for anorexia is the beginning of a struggle Eriksson. He began diligently posting pictures of her recovery, from the moment she looked creepy until now starting berisi.kembali

  Eriksson story in insagramnya account 'Eatmoveimprove' as reported by Blisstree, Tuesday (07/01/2014). "Initially posting a picture of me like a scary thing to me but eventually I realized that it can help other girls to fight against anorexia,"

However, Eriksson did not want to share about how many calories he consumes precisely because it could destabilize back. He also did not want to talk about any sport that made her body fit. According to Eriksson, he just needs to keep his health because he did not want to think circumstances of the progress and the results obtained.

he said. "I just need to know that I have to burn energy as one with the gym," One more thing that made taboo by this girl to help people with anorexia is he reluctant to meet people who just want to ask how to lose weight. being in nature itself

"Losing weight made me almost lose life. Karena me terlaalu skinny If you ask that question to me, the same as asking me to commit suicide," said Eriksson.

Thus only a review of the story, anorexia intragram hopefully help comes thanks to the presence of this article can provide an encouragement for the sufferer to stand tall and always believed it would recover Maybe just hope we arrange a meeting again at the next post

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