Stress level, and solution

Stress level, and solution

Stress level, and the solution we should know Stress is a stimulus or can also be regarded as a situation that creates what is called distress, which led to the physical demands also psychic in person. Stress is a reaction due to mental stress or load life could no longer be processed and led to the health and function of organs. Stress involves physical and psychological elements at once. Although it involves physical, but it is very difficult to identify the symptoms of stress because stress disorders in general arise slow, it is not clear when to start and often not realized either the experience or the people who interact with the patient stress. Nevertheless, based on the experience of psychiatry, there is some level of stress divided by muncul.untyk symptoms that let us refer to the following reviews

Each stage of the stress shows a number of symptoms experienced by people suffering from stress. By understanding this stage, we can determine stress levels experienced by a person and will ease before further examination to the doctor. The instructions stress phases was presented by Dr. Robert J. Van Amberg, who is a psychiatrist.

Stress level, and solution

yes ... we just started our discussion to the level of stress that arises in us

Stress level I.

for the first stage This stage is the lightest level of stress, and is usually accompanied denganperasaan-feeling as spirit tend to be large, sharp eyesight is not as usual, excessive energy and nervous, and the ability to complete more work than usual. Symptoms that existed at Stages Stress I usually fun and almost always considered positive. When in fact without realizing that the energy reserves are being depleted.

Stress level II.

we must know that the symptoms in this stage began to differ with stage I. stress is the dominant symptom complaints were due to energy reserves are no longer enough throughout the day. Grievances perceived among others to feel tired when waking up, feeling tired after lunch, feeling tired towards Soare day, sometimes disturbances in the gut (intestinal disorders, flatulence), sometimes even heart palpitations, feelings of tension in muscles of the back and nape (back of the neck), the feeling can not be relaxed.

Stress level of 111.

This stage is accompanied by symptoms such as bowel disorders more pronounced (abdominal pain, heartburn, often want to back), the muscles feel more tense, the tension increases, sleep disturbance (difficulty sleeping, often waking at night and difficult to sleep again, ataubangun too early), the body difficult to erect, tastes like fainting (not to swoon). At this stage the patient has had to consult a doctor, unless the burden of stress or demands reduced, and the body gets a chance to rest or relaxation, to restore the energy supply.

Stress level IV.

be alert when it reaches tahapaan this stage is already showing a state worse characterized by traits among others, could last all day was very difficult, the activities were originally fun now feels hard, lost the ability to respond to the situation, the association of social and other routine activities was fallow, the more difficult to sleep, dreams tense and often woke up in the morning, feeling negativisik, sharply decreased ability to concentrate, feelings of fear that can not be explained, do not understand why.

Stress level V.

okay the next stage This stage is a state that is deeper than stage IV above, namely fatigue depth (physical and psychological exhaustion), for jobs that simply feels less capable, impaired digestive system (stomach ulcers and colon) are more frequent, difficult airbesar or otherwise dispose of liquid feces and often backward, fear that is increasingly becoming, like panic.

Stress Level VI.

This sixth stage is a stage which is the peak of the state of emergency. The symptoms of this stage is pretty awful as the heartbeat feels very hard, this is due to substances released adrenaline high enough in the bloodstream. Another symptom is shortness of breath, trembling body, the body is cold, sweat pouring, power to things that even minor power no longer, easy fainting or collapse. When examined, the stress level VI has shown manifestation in the physical plane also psychological. On the physical plane is often in the form of fatigue, whereas in the field of psychic form of anxiety and depression.

This is important to understand the level of stress to then look at the symptoms. Very many people with stress who do not know that he is infected. By understanding the symptoms, early treatment can be done.

may only iu can I cover this level of stress, and the solution hopefully this article useful for all of us certainly for the readers .and I ends meet so hopefully we will arrange a meeting at alin opportunity dengfan different titles

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