Stress reduction techniques, the symptoms and the cause

Stress reduction techniques, the symptoms and the cause

Stress reduction techniques, the symptoms and the cause we certainly experienced this problem. Stress is a condition that involves a person's spiritual burden when dealing with the various problems of life. With the arrival of the spiritual burden of this, the person must act, adjust and control everything in balance. Because stress including normal reaction due to the pressures of life, then everyone from the adult, juvenile, until The children certainly will.

we once knew Process of Stress on ourselves

Basically stress can occur because the brain gives the signal to the body to release hormones after facing a situation. Interest hormone release is intended that the body has enough energy to act or deal with it.

Stress causes of stress among

How to Eliminate StressKetika body gets the energy to confront a problem, the situation is actually very good for improving one's ability. However, in contemporary times, the pressures of life many have come from various aspects that are greatly affected the psychological state of a person. Thus, continuous stress can be and make the body become tired. As a result, one would be hard to think clearly, that it would lead to social interaction, quality of life and health of the person will have difficulty anyway. Therefore, knowing how to deal with stress is important, so that the body always responds well in many situations that come up. As for how to reduce stress are as follows:

Stress reduction techniques, the symptoms and the cause

okay let's just we follow the following ulasanya hopefully we can take advantage of the following articles ..TO stress reduction lakkan following 

1. Hobby us

How to cope with severe stress by doing hobbies you want to do is the easiest way. Hobby is an activity which is believed to soothe one's mind if it is done. The goal is to obtained a pleasure to be their own entertainment for the mind and soul of the person. In fact, doing a hobby can make someone become excited after exhausting activity. In general, the hobby is divided into several types including:

Collecting, namely as a penchant collecting stamps (philately), antiques, books, etc.
Make, namely, such a penchant to make food (cooking), writing (writing), images (painting or drawing), illustrations, etc.
Fix, namely as a penchant flower arranging, sewing or knitting, automotive, etc.
Play, namely as a penchant playing chess, football, horse riding, etc.
Education, namely reading, teaching, learning foreign languages, etc.

2. Communication

To communicate or talk to share stories about the problems or the burdens of life to someone very well to reduce the burden experienced and cope with stress. Additionally, confided to friends allows one to obtain the solution of the problem. In fact, research shows that a private person more susceptible to stress than a person who is open and frequent communication on the matter with others.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a thing that can cope with stress because it can clear the mind to be able to make a person to concentrate. This can happen because meditation can afford to make more regular breathing, heart rate and blood pressure to be normal, to be able to reduce levels of stress hormones which previously pumped by the adrenal glands. In fact, doing a powerful meditation to help the healing process when you're ill. As for how to do a good meditation is:

A focus on breathing to do it slowly so that breathing is regulated.
Warming as "stretching" that can be done while lying down or sitting.
Focusing the mind on one thing like breathing rhythm, the heartbeat or the figure of the Creator with the aim to relieve stress, relaxation or calm the mind.
Meditation should be done before doing the activity in the morning because psychologically, meditation in the morning is very effective for reducing anxiety, fear, and worry.
Try various experiments in meditation so that it will find a meditation technique that is most convenient to do.
Meditating should be done in a special place that allows for full concentration.
Listening to meditation in the form of instrumental music, singing, or the sounds of nature to be more relaxed.
Discipline in meditation is a good thing to do in order to produce benefits to the body both psychologically and physically.

4. Shower Or Bath

Use water with a shower or bath has a good effect to overcome the stress causes a powerful healing to a cooling-off. Stimulus from this atmosphere, capable of alerting a person's body and mind to the feeling of being in the womb so as to provide serenity and comfort to the body. To be effective, a shower or bath is done using warm water in the bathtub.

Info about the showers that can help you:

As a result of infrequent bathing: stress, odor, skin diseases, decreased immune system
Due to the bath: stress, insomnia
Danger bath night: rheumatism, metabolic disorders
5. massage

Massage is very well done for relaxation and normalize blood pressure. Due to the massage, the quality of sleep a person gets better so the stress that is felt on the wane. The benefits of massage have been widely studied by experts. According to some research, massage can eliminate stress for the body's biochemical changes occur after getting a touch of the hand. In fact, studies have found that stress hormones can be reduced up to 53% as evidenced by a study of 500 men, women and children who suffer from stress. The massage therapy can reduce stress, among others:

Massage by pressing on the abdomen between the navel and the breastbone lower part can relieve anxiety.
Massage by pressing the collarbone to relieve anxiety.
Massage by pressing the buttocks area effective to relieve frustration.
Massage by pressing the area between the eyebrows and the sternum can be mollified.
6. Yelling

Shouting loudly off is a good way to do to cope with stress. When under stress, a person must have sensed something is up in the liver. Therefore, releasing unpleasant feeling it could be done with the screaming of course be done in a spacious and quiet so as not to disturb others such as at the seaside or over a cliff. Yelling can be done several times for someone to become more relaxed.

7. Sports

Sports was able to relieve negative emotions such as stress in a person. This can happen because the sport is able to release the hormone serotonin, which can make a person feel good. In fact, the Mental Health Foundation merupaka non-profit health organizations in the UK have shown that exercise is good for treating depression. Some powerful sport to relieve stress that include:

Swim, can make a person more calm. These positive emotions can grow if it helped persuade the people closest to swim together, while enjoying a game of water volleyball or the other. In fact, swimming is also very well done to maintain a healthy heart and lungs.
Dancing, it is very effective to create the feeling of a person for the better. This activity can be done at will by selecting the music and dance of interest. However, if confused, salsa dancing can be an option because the dance is a powerful favorite dance to relieve stress.
Outdoor sports, also could be an option for someone who wants to eliminate stress. Therefore, this sport is capable of adrenaline so it is perfect for relieving stress. As for the types of outdoor sports which this is bungee jumping, surfing, jumping rope, climbing up the mountain up.
Healthy way, is able to provide a good time for someone to feel calm. Healthy way of routine potent to clear the mind and make it more relaxed than before so that your mood for the better.
Jump rope, proved to be an alternative sport that can cause feelings of pleasure. This happens because of the jump rope is an intense sport that is able to release endorphins to give you a happy feeling.
8. Recreation / Getaways

Doing sports is a good way to do to avoid negative environment. Therefore, recreational activities is also a very effective way to cope with stress. Recreation can be done with the family to make it more enjoyable. In addition, the streets are also effective for relieving stress because by doing this, people feel relaxed mood.

9. Sex

Having sex or sex of the spouses, it is effective to reduce stress. Therefore, sex can balance emotional health with mental health so it is good for relieving stress. In fact, sex can secrete endorphins so that the body becomes more relaxed and fresh. In addition, sex it also has other benefits that are very good for health as:

Can improve blood circulation and prevent blood vessel blockage.
Being able to improve muscle tone so that it can make the part work better.
Can burn calories up to 420 calories every sexual activity.
Strengthening the immune system because sex produces potent chemical compounds to fight the virus.
Maintaining heart health so it is not susceptible to heart disease.

10. Aromatherapy

The aroma has the effect of greatly influence human emotion because the sense of smell are the senses that is associated with the limbic system as the emotional control center in the human brain. Therefore, aromatherapy could be one of the therapies that can stimulate human emotions. As some kind of aromatherapy that can be tested are as follows:

Lavender, a scent which if inhaled can help slow brain activity that is initially rapid because of the influence of stress. With this slow activity, certainly one can feel relaxed and calm so that stress can be lost.
Jasmine, a powerful aromatherapy to soothe frazzled nerves. In addition, jasmine oil can regulate levels of stress, anxiety to joy excessive.
Roses and germanium, has a floral aroma that can eliminate anxiety because the oil is able to balance hormone levels in the body so as to make the body become more relaxed.
Bergamot oil, an aromatherapy derived from citrus fruit peel raw so this oil has a distinctive smell like citrus fruit. Aromatherapy can help the hypothalamus in the brain to be more quiet, so bergamot oil is highly recommended to relieve stress and excessive kecmasan.
Ylang-ylang, also an aromatherapy to relieve stress. The trick to mixing with oil of bergamot oil to obtain the desired aroma.

11. Laugh

Laugh it brings a very good effect to relieve stress. According to some studies, laughing 5 to 10 minutes can stimulate endorphine, serotonin and metanonin to exit. Where these three substances provides good benefits to the brain so the body becomes more calm. In fact, laughter can cure a person who has a mental disorder severe stress. In addition to relieving stress, laughter also has other benefits such as:

12. Music

Research in 2008 by the University of Maryland School of Medicine revealed that listening to your favorite music for 30 minutes a substance capable of releasing endorphins to reduce stress and relieve pain. It is also getting better because the body back into harmony with the sound of music you listen to. As a result, the relaxation is increased, the muscles are not tense, heart rate slows, and energipun increase in accordance with the rhythm.

13. Sleep

Sleep is one effective way to relieve stress that can increase productivity. In addition, resting or sleeping at least 8 hours to do every day to rejuvenate the body for activity in the next day. In addition to coping with stress, it turns out bed also has another manfat as quoted by the Times of India following:

Can improve the body, because sleep is able to produce additional protein molecule effective to strengthen the body and its systems against infection imunnta to stay healthy.
Make someone becomes excited, because the levels are limited sleep makes a person prone to depression and anxiety.
Improving the quality of life if done consistently at night.
Improve memory, because lack of sleep can lead to memory problems. Therefore, the hazards of sleeping late you should consider to avoid stress.

14. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a way to reduce stress because by doing this, then one can receive a given load because it has a good perspective on the burden. Viewpoint in question is thought to realize that the burden experienced an exam given by the Creator and by doing so, then someone will be sure that behind the difficulties that befell him, the stored wisdom that can be outside if successfully passed the challenges of life.

15. Healthy Foods

How to eliminate the stress of the last super potent * with food. Foods that contain vitamin B, omega-3, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin C is a food that can relieve stress. In addition, the antioxidant-rich foods are also good for consumption because it can facilitate memory function. As for some healthy foods and beverages that can relieve stress are:

Foods that contain vitamin B: eg just avocado, bananas, salmon, tuna, sardines, yogurt and milk.
Foods containing folic acid: Oatmeal, for example oranges or asparagus.
Foods containing magnesium: Almonds, tofu and spinach.
Foods containing vitamin C: Fruits such as oranges, kiwi, strawberry or guava.

Drinks water, consumed 2 liters per day.
Herbal tea or fruit-flavored tea.

How to relieve stress naturally is actually pretty easy right, hopefully can help you eliminate stress load quickly.

Thus review this time of stress reduction techniques, symptoms and causes hopefully this article really helpful was to the us ssemuanya and I ucapkaan many thanks, see you on other occasions with different post title

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