How To Effectively Prevent Blackheads on the Face

How To Effectively Prevent Blackheads on the Face

For you who have managed to remove blackheads, do not stop there aja. The next step is to prevent blackheads from reappearing. These steps are highly recommended either before or after the blackheads are gone, as this also supports the facial care you are running.

No need to widen again, following steps to prevent blackheads:

Wash Hair (Shampoo) Regularly

Having oily hair or frequent use of hair oil can cause the facial skin surface to come oily and allow the pores to become easily clogged. So in addition to washing your face, you should also wash your hair regularly. Shampooing every two to three days is usually enough for most people, unless your hair tends to be very oily or uses hair oil every day.

It is also useful for eliminating dandruff.

But remember, too often to wash your hair for example every day while you do not use hair oil, it is excessive and even will stimulate the scalp to form more oil in compensation.

Use Oil Free makeup

Oil-based or oil-based makeup has the potential to clog pores. Switch to non-oil makeup products or those labeled "noncomedogenic".

Besides that you also have to make sure that the make-up brush and sponge should be cleaned regularly, because this can be a hotbed of bacteria that causes blackheads and acne.

Remember to always wipe makeup gently using a cleanser or wash your face after each day's daily routine. This will give your skin a chance to breathe a night's relief and prevent blackheads.

Change Pillow Covers Once a Week.

Oil, dirt and bacteria from the face can stick on pillowcases from time to time, so it will be useless even if you've washed your face before bed while the pillow in dirty condition. To avoid this and for our efforts to prevent blackheads succeed, then replace the pillowcase you use at least once a week with freshly washed.

Maintain a healthy diet.

Blackheads are formed when excess oil clogs the skin pores. Therefore, a logical step to prevent blackheads is to reduce the source of oil by reducing oily foods and replace them with healthy foods in the form of fruits and vegetables. Besides, drink plenty of water, as it will improve overall health for your body, which will be reflected on healthy skin.

vegetables [1]

In particular, you should try to eat fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin A, such as broccoli, spinach and carrots, and rich in vitamins E and C, such as oranges, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados. These nutrients will help the skin improve and renew itself better.

Simply that step alone is very effective to prevent blackheads coming back. Healthy Skincare 🙂

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