The Powerful Way to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Infants

The Powerful Way to Overcome Stuffy Nose in Infants

Nasal congestion does not look age, adults, children and even babies can experience it. Clogged nose makes the discomfort and difficulty breathing especially in infants. Therefore, know how to cope with nasal congestion in infants.

A blocked nose can occur on one side or even on both sides of the nose. Before discussing about how to cope with the nasal congestion in infants, then we must first know the cause. One of the most common causes is flu or cold, especially in infants.

how to overcome stuffy nose in baby

The other causes of nasal congestion are as follows:

    Allergic Rhinitis, can occur either because of allergies or not allergic to something different foreign. Allergy is a reaction of the immune system in the body when there are incoming foreign bodies, such as dust, food or anything else.
    Vasomotor rhinitis, is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, one of which is caused by extreme weather changes. Usually marked by a snot or sneeze.
    Polyps, tissue growth in the nasal passages.
    Sinusitis, inflammation in the nose that can make nasal congestion
    Tumors, can block the respiratory tract, causing nasal congestion.
    The presence of a flu-like infection
    Foreign body, can block the airway and make the nose become clogged
    and others

If Mother has known what causes the baby's nose to clog up, it will be easier to cope. Here are some ways you can do to overcome the congestion in the baby's nose:
# Provides Steam Heat

Inhalation therapy can be done at home to deal with nasal congestion in infants. The trick is to provide steam therapy to the baby so that the baby's breathing becomes smooth. Here's how to do steam therapy to relieve nasal congestion in infants:

    Mother can bring a container of hot water to the baby, be careful that baby's hand does not reach for a container of hot water.
    Mother can also mix telon oil on water or other aroma therapy.
    Mother can position the baby in her lap, with the head lower than the baby's body. Then let the baby breathe in hot steam. Some argue this way is actually no longer recommended, as it can cause the baby to burn. But still safe if carefully do it.

# Inhale Telon Oil or Other

If the baby does not like the steam method, Mother can use telon oil that is close to the baby's nostrils for the baby to breathe. Mother can also use an inhaler to overcome stuffy nose in infants.
# Warming Baby Body

Turn off the use of air conditioning, fan, and use that can make the room and baby's body temperature cool. By making a baby warm can help overcome his clogged nose. Mother can also provide steam in the bathroom, by putting hot water in the tub for the room was warm.
# Keep the head of the baby pointing up

If one of the causes of nasal congestion in infants is vasomotor rhinitis (blood vessels in the sensitive nose) when the baby sleeps, keep the baby's head upward. With sloping sleep can cause a clogged nose to move to one part of the nasal cavity. Another way to position the baby's head is higher, namely by raising the crib bed.
# Saline solution

A saline solution or a physical or NACL regimen is a type of salt solution that can help cope with a stuffy nose. Mother can use spray saline solution or drops for baby. Mother can buy it at the pharmacy, how:

When dropped on the baby's nose, Mother can hold the baby or set the baby position in a flat place. Drop into baby's nose, then wait 5 minutes after dripping solution.

When using saline solution by spraying, position the baby in a state of sleep. Lift the baby's head slowly, if trouble because the child moves Mother can ask the help of people who are at home. spray 1 or 2 times into two baby nostrils in turn. Maintain the baby's position for 5 minutes after being sprayed.

Note: frequent use of saline solution may cause nasal irritation.
# Do not Apply Balsam or Oil in Baby's Nose

At the age of under two years, balsam or oil applied to the nose may be swallowed when his hands reach for it, then insert a finger into the mouth. or it could be olesan oil can flow into the mouth. Instead of wanting to cope with a stuffy nose in a baby, smearing oil or balsam on the nose can even make the baby feel burning or spicy.
# Suction Balls

The suction ball or dee lee is a tool used to help inhale the fluid that is in the nose or the baby's mouth. If the cause of the baby's nose is blocked by nasal fluid ata

If the cause of the baby's nose is clogged due to nasal fluid or sticky snot, the mother can use a suction ball. How:

    Before inserting the rubber ball tip into the nose, press the rubber ball first. If pressing the rubber ball while inside the nostrils, can make more mucus come in again.
    insert the rubber ball into the baby's nose while pointing the baby's head to the side.
    Then after the rubber tip out of the nose, remove the sucked liquid by releasing pressure on the rubber ball.

Note: wash dee lee every time the use and steamed dee lee to keep it clean.

If coping with the nasal congestion is not successful, call your doctor immediately if:

    Nasal congestion with fever over 38 degrees Celsius.
    Pain in the ear or baby becomes fussy as usual.
    Nasal congestion with difficulty breathing.
    Nasal congestion with cough (bleeding or dry).
    there is swelling of the forehead, eyes, both sides of the nose, or cheeks.
    If the baby's nose comes out the liquid other than the color other than yellow and white and the smell is not delicious.
    Nasal congestion that does not heal.

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