7 Saham Yang Berhasil GOLDEN CROSS DI GARIS MA 5,20 Sinyal BUY rabu 28 juli 2021

 7 Stocks That Successfully GOLDEN CROSS AT 5,20 MA LINE BUY Signal Wednesday 28 July 2021

Hello guys, how are you today, I am always here by giving a buy signal for groceries the next day, of course, we don't forget we use a screening from hqsaham idx, for those who want to have it, please donate and the link is at the bottom of this article. OK, straight to the title 7 Shares The Successful GOLDEN CROSS IN MA LINE 5.20 BUY signal Wednesday 28 July 2021 don't forget not to get bored I remind you to check back and set MM when we want to make a decision to avoid getting stuck, remember stocks can be cruel to us and stocks can be ATM for us. Here are the 7 stocks





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 menu for wednesday 28 july 2021

1 trading plan rabu 28 juli 


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