My strategy is always only in stocks with a capital of 10 million rupiah

 My strategy is always only in stocks with a capital of 10 million rupiah



we know that the name of a beginner, there must be many things that are always wrong in any field, especially when we enter the capital market, we as beginners first I admit there are many mistakes that we do not realize, it turns out that our actions when buying or selling stocks turned out to be big mistake, I always want to get rich quick, I always want to quickly take profits, I always hold minus stocks in Porto and there are many things that are wrong with me.

For this reason, here I will share how we manage our portfolio so that it is always cheap, it turns out that after we reflect and think again and we already know our mistakes, there are certain tips so that we always spend money, I always lose and even my capital is almost gone now that's where I was hired to correct and always do not stray how I should fix my failure that keeps losing.


My strategy is always only in stocks with a capital of 10 million rupiah



First, I designed the 10 million money, that is, I used it to buy 3 shares
2. For each share, to make it easier, I give a budget of 3 million rupiah
3 after we budget our funds, we are required to understand where the buy and sell areas are according to the technician and we must also be able to analyze the bandarmology
4. The strategy I use is bandarmology and engineering, 2 these are interrelated
5 after we find 3 stocks that are valued as meeting the criteria, the next step is setting the number of lots or funds that we will spend

stock buying moves with measured bullets peluru

1 of our funds are 3 million. So when we buy 1 share, we are prohibited from all in. REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT. Then, how
We divide the 3 million funds into 3, namely buy 1, buy 2 and buy 3, mass buy 1 500 thousand, buy 2 1 million and buy the remaining 3.
okay, got it here

2. After we gave the shares in the first stage, it turned out that the stock flew with a percentage above 5 percent, we just let the stock go without having to buy it back, so we bought 2 and 3 shares. it's above my purchase price. OK, so I've put my seat belt on so it's calm, if it goes down later, we've secured our capital and got a little money, it's not a problem.

3 if we have bought the first stage, it turns out that the stock price has dropped, then the second bullet we launch is the condition that we already know where the support and resistance are, don't just buy, so this is where it is important to understand technically.
4 after the 2nd buy goes down again then we buy back at the strongest support and usually after the stock price goes to a strong support point it will usually bounce but if it doesn't match expectations then our job is CL


don't always expect it to be quick to just relax. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IS HIGHER WE WANT TO PROFIT QUICKLY, THEN OUR CAPITAL WILL BE eroded faster. OK, friends, hopefully it will be useful if someone still doesn't understand, please ask, being a beginner, it's a stage that we have to go through later after that we will be delicious and always good, okay that's it from me later we will continue again on another opportunity, greetings and always healthy

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