7 Saham Yang MACD NYA Baru Saja Golden Cross,SINYAL BUY,rabu 25 agustus 2021

 7 stocks whose MACD just got Golden Cross, BUY SIGNAL, Wednesday 25 August 2021

OK, let's keep going and keep going, don't give up if we always lose, let's learn from our mistakes and always reflect on what makes us always lose and in the long run we'll all always be big and big. error and trying to fix it instead.
okay, it won't be long, let's go according to the title 7 Stocks That MACD HIS Just Golden Cross, BUY SIGNAL, Wednesday, August 25, 2021, let's check and analyze together for us to take into consideration to make a decision to buy on Wednesday. Okay, here are the stocks

1    IKAN

SOCI	BUY1: 188 BUY2: 187 TP1: 194 TP2: 197 SL: 179	LOW RISK

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1.saham yang di akumulasi asing selama 5 hari 

2 fast trade resiko rendah 

3 macd baru saja golden cross



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