cocktail with coffee 5 delicious blends that we can try at home

Cocktail with coffee 5 delicious blends that we can try at home

Cocktail with coffee _This cocktail recipe that you can try is also very simple. You can easily get the ingredients at the nearest minimarket, or you can already have them at home. Don't forget to also prepare snacks to accompany the cocktails that you will make!

cocktail with coffee

What is meant by coffee?
Coffee is a drink brewed by coffee beans that have been roasted and ground into powder. Coffee is one of the commodities in the world that is cultivated in more than 50 countries. Two varieties of coffee trees are generally known, namely Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora) and Arabica Coffee (Coffea arabica).

What are the types of coffee? 

Image result for coffee 4 Types of Famous Coffee Beans in the World, One of them from Indonesia... Arabica Coffee. Arabica coffee. Photo by specialtycoffee. ... Robusta Coffee. Robusta coffee holds 30% of the world market. ... Liberica Coffee, Racemosa, Excelsa. This type of coffee comes from Africa. ... Civet coffee. Civets eat coffee beans. 

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 5 ways to mix delicious cocktails with coffee that we can try at home

1. Fresh red grape lime cocktail

To make the first cocktail recipe, you just need to prepare grapes, agave syrup, lime, and thyme. If you don't have thyme, you can replace it with mint leaves. The method is also easy, all you have to do is mix the agave syrup mixture, squeeze the lime then use a filter and strain into a glass.

Don't forget to add ice cubes, then add three sliced ​​grapes to the cocktail mixture. After that add thyme or mint leaves. Your grape lime cocktail is ready to be enjoyed in the middle of a hot day while working.

2. Refreshing green tea cocktail with soda

You are free to use any green tea to make this green tea cocktail, just adjust it to your taste. In addition to green tea, you also need tablespoon of cold coconut milk, liquid milk, and soda. Since cocktails are always served cold, you can put these ingredients in the fridge beforehand.

After the ingredients have cooled enough, mix all the ingredients in a closed container and shake. When it is well mixed, pour it into a glass. Don't forget to add ice cubes to make the cocktail taste fresher.

3. Almond cocktail served in tall glasses

To make almond cocktail, you will need almond syrup, lemon juice, and mineral water. It's also very easy to make! You just need to pour enough lemon juice, add almond syrup and ice cubes into the glass, then pour the mineral water into the glass three times more than the almond syrup you put earlier. And it's done! Your almond cocktail is ready to refresh your work atmosphere at home.

4. Coffee cocktail with mint leaf freshness

For those of you who are coffee lovers who haven't been to a coffee shop for a long time, you can make this one cocktail to relieve your longing. Prepare cold coffee, ground or chopped mint leaves, and flavor-free syrup. Put the mint leaves first, syrup and then ice cubes into the glass. Then pour the cold coffee slowly. Your mint coffee cocktail is ready. There is the taste of coffee that you miss, and the cold sensation of mint leaves every time you sip this fresh drink.

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 5. Cinnamon, ginger and cardamom cocktail display

As the name suggests, you will need cinnamon, lime, ginger, soda, and mint leaves. Prepare the ingredients to whisk all, except the soda. After you shake these ingredients for a while, you immediately pour them into a glass. Then you add soda to your cocktail mix. Garnish with mint leaves.

The rest you just work leisurely, while occasionally enjoying a fresh cocktail. Don't forget to prepare snacks as a complement so that working from home you can be more relaxed



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