does tea bags expire _ don't throw it away, recognize the amazing benefits for health

does tea bags expire _ don't throw it away, recognize the amazing benefits for health


does tea bags expire

does tea bags expire .We know that in every Tea box there is an expiration date that has expired but we need to know whether it can still be used or not. Let's follow the following review.
Something very important is that one of the harmful ways tea can spoil is mold. We can recognize it over time usually tea bags will lose their aroma gradually but never become really harmful.

The general way is that the longer the expiration date, the safety of this product cannot be ascertained, what is feared is that the content in the text is family or not, it can cause an allergic reaction or irritation to your skin. Your skin is a sensitive skin type.

Then the question arises what is the use of expired tea?

Expired ones can also be used to get rid of bad foot odor on the feet, usually caused by bacteria and fungi that arise due to temperatures that are too humid, tamim in tea can overcome fungal growth.

Here are the benefits of expired tea

1. Relieves inflammation

This inflammation occurs due to exposure to sunlight, especially it has anti-inflammatory properties that are able to win the skin and relieve redness.

how to brew tea first and then gently compress the face green tea also has antioxidants that are believed to prevent cancer.

2. Able to reduce eye bags.

The trick is to compress tea bags on closed eyes, let the anti-inflammatory content improve the skin system in the eye area

3. Able to relieve bumps due to insect bites

Mas means that it can also help relieve bumps due to insect bites because the content in green tea can help relieve symptoms of allergies. Questions due to insect bites but also due to dust or other animal hair
The method. Compress the skin with tea that has been brewed you are also in the form of a powder mix mixing honey honey.

4. Able to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff generally appears due to the growth of fungi. This makes the skin irritated and peeling.
Take advantage of this stale tea to wash hair, tea water can also make the hair color darker.


  5. Medication to treat bruised eyes.

Although used tea bags derived from several types of tea are known to have benefits for treating eye disorders, further research is still needed.

How to use it.
a. Use as usual to make tea then take the tea bag and squeeze out the water so it doesn't get wet.

b. let stand the tea cage until cold we can be stored in the refrigerator for approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

c. Stick the tea bag on your closed eyes while doing a gentle massage using our fingers on the

d. Do this for 5 to 30 minutes do not put the tea bag in the eye while it is still hot because it is dangerous and honestly will irritate our eyes.

We must be careful in using used tea bags because the eyes are a sensitive area. For that we must pay attention to how to clean our hands by washing our hands before we do the treatment.

And make sure the eye bags we want to use must be sterile or clean in any part so they don't interfere.

the important thing to remember and avoid from tea bags that are sealed using staples during the treatment process do not rub or touch your eyes to avoid.

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