Garlic Butter for Shrimp - the most delicious, here's the recipe

Garlic Butter for Shrimp - the most delicious, here's the recipe


Garlic Butter for Shrimp

Garlic Butter for Shrimp -    Okay, before we move on to this one recipe because this recipe is a very very delicious recipe and the most popular recipe because it tastes very solid and tough.
The ingredients are easy to get and the method is not complicated, so it is very practical for us to use or for us to practice at home.
Let's go straight to the ingredients that we must prepare first.

1,500 grams of shrimp

2.2 cloves of garlic

3. Half an onion

4 two spring onions

5.2 tablespoons margarine

Ingredients for sauce

1 2 tbsp oyster sauce
2,300 ml of water
3. 2 tablespoons hot sauce
4.2 tbsp tomato sauce
51 tablespoons soy sauce
6. Half a teaspoon of sugar
71 tablespoons olive oil tablespoon chili powder
9. squeeze lemon water

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To taste, for example, salt, pepper, according to the level of each need.

Now let's go in. How to make it, let's follow the steps below

1. Clean the shrimp that we have prepared by soaking it in lemon water for 15 minutes

2. * Garlic, onions and scallions are sautéed into the melted mangarin until fragrant

3. Put the shrimp into the seasoning stir, add water and add all the remaining ingredients, add a little lemon juice

4. Wait until cooked and ready to serve

Thus the recipes may be useful and hopefully in


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