Home Mortgage . KNOWING THE EXPLANATION AND THE THINGS IN IT .Before we go into further discussion, let's first review what a home mortgage is.

What is meant by the term home mortgage?

Home mortgage ie. a loan given by a bank, mortgage company or also by a financial institution only to make a purchase of a house or residence either in the main place or residence or reserve.

But remember this is different from a commercial property or an industrial property in that the current mortgage is owner to lender on the condition that the rights will be transferred back to the owner after the last loan payments have been made and other mortgage terms have been met.

There is a challenge or comparison that we must choose if we choose one for example

Should we buy a house with cash to buy a house with a mortgage?

Home mortgages are one of the most common forms of debt and also one of the most recommended because they are secured debt and act as loan backers.

We know that a home mortgage is a defamation provided by a bank or other financial company for a residence mortgage having a fixed or floating interest rate ranging from 3 to 30 years.

What is included in the object of the mortgage?

1 Mortgage objects, immovable objects that can be moved by fish and all their accessories

2 The usufructuary rights to these objects and their equipment

3. Ride on goods and business rights

4. Interest, land, whether paid in money or with proceeds

5. What is recognized by the government along with the inherent human rights

Why weren't mortgages abolished by the government?

Because the mortgage for all objects that are the object of the mortgage even though it is a debt has been paid but
 cannot be erased, the point is that in the hypothesis there is only the right to straighten out debts.

Mortgages are usually used by a person or business actor or business person who used to buy property I do not have enough money the value of the purchase of the property does not need to be paid in full in advance the borrower must pay off the debt within a predetermined period of time.

A mortgage is a right or claim on property, so currently borrowing money or the borrower will use the property as collateral in the sense that if the borrower fails to pay his debts, the mortgage provider sets the property that is used as a reflection.

The properties of the mortgage

1. It is absolute. The point here is that in the hypothesis there is something that can be defended against anyone's demands.

2. is droit de suite, meaning that there are those who always follow the different shingle in the hands of whichever party is present.

3. is drip de preference. This means that a party has the right to prioritize its receivables in fulfillment among other debtors.

What we should know about the characteristics of a mortgage

This means that a mortgage is an additional agreement that is contained in the main agreement regarding accounts payable.

This means that the mortgage cannot be divided. This is because the mortgage is located for all objects that are the object of the mortgage, even though some of the debt has been paid, but some of the mortgage rights cannot be written off.

The point is that in the hypothesis there is only the right to repay the debt.
In this mortgage there is no Right to own the object in it.
For example, but the debtor can sell the object which is a guarantee on his own power if this is regulated in the agreement.

How to make a hypotex

We know that a mortgage can be made if someone wants to put up a mortgage then the agreement must be made in the form of an official deed.

And for this official deed it must be made by an official or PPHT.
As for the parties who become PHP, for example, as follows.

a. Notary appointed by the country
b. Which are not notaries but they have been appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs.
c. Graduates who have been appointed to become PPAT.

The principles contained in the mortgage include the following:

1. Mortgages must be registered in the general registration of mortgages there must be a third party who knows about this mortgage while legal deeds and mortgages must be registered with the land registry.

2. Mortgages can only be made for certain objects, the objects in question, for example, must be bound as dependents, for example objects that have a clear shape and also clear size and boundaries

3. Mortgages cannot be divided. This means that the mortgage burdens the entire object for which the mortgage has already been paid for in part. This paper still cannot reduce the mortgage dependents.

In the mortgage there are agreements that we must know Okay Let's look at the agreement


 Promise in a mortgage

a. To sell the object of the mortgage on its own power.

b. For regarding the rental of mortgage objects

c. Promise not to clean.

d promise about object insurance

Let's get to know the rights and obligations in a mortgage, among others


a. You can still control the object of the mortgage as long as it doesn't harm the debtor
b may continue to use or utilize the object.
c. Entitled to receive loan money from lenders.


a. Paying the principal of the forest along with the interest on the loan.
b. Willing to pay fines if you are late in paying the principal and interest on the loan.

There are several procedures when the agreement is deleted.

The contents of the mortgage agreement can be abolished. If certain things happen, therefore, the following things can delete the agreement.

a. The work agreement ends when the debt has been repaid

b. The agreement can end if the debtor releases the debt voluntarily, expressly and clearly.

c. The agreement can be terminated based on the judge's decision.

Okay, so what is meant by a mortgage, hopefully it will be useful and also equipped with things that are above things related to it, hopefully this article will provide a better understanding of mortgages


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