How to get rid of a wasp's nest ; these 13 surefire tips are effective forever

How to get rid of a wasp's nest ; these 13 surefire tips are effective forever


How to get rid of a wasp's nest

How to get rid of a wasp's nest ;        There are stings more dangerous than bees. The sting comes from an insect called a wasp. There is a poison that can harm humans in it. Then, how to get rid of wasps when visiting the house?

Most people think that bees and wasps are the same insect.

In fact, both have a sting that the effect is much different.

More dangerous are the stings from wasps.

If its presence is in the house, this will be very dangerous for the occupants.

Because, the sting is very painful and causes extreme rashes.

Even some people are allergic to wasp venom.
Wasps are more aggressive and can be deadly than bees

Wasps are attracted to bright colors, food left uncovered, and the smell of perfume and flowers in the garden.

Compared to bees, these tiny winged animals with characteristic yellow and black body colors are said to be more aggressive in attacking humans.

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Bees are said to only be able to sting humans once, but these insects can do so many times.

As a result of the sting, the surface of the person's skin will not only feel itchy but can turn into a burning sensation.

Over time, the area of ​​the body that was stung will swell.

Stings in large numbers are even said to be able to make a person die.

You don't want this to happen to you and your family members at home, do you, Friend 99?

How to get rid of a wasp's nest ; these 13 surefire tips are effective forever
To remove wasps from your garden, you can spray insecticide on the plants once a week.
Meanwhile, to remove wasps from the house, you can use kitchen ingredients.

How to get rid of a wasp's nest ; these 13 surefire tips are effective forever


 13 Ways to Repel Wasps from Home

1. Dish Soap

how to get rid of wasps

Simple ingredients such as dish soap can also be used as a way to get rid of wasps.

Mix a liter of hot water with dish soap until a lot of foam is produced.

After stirring evenly, put this solution into a spray bottle.

Direct this liquid at the entrance of the nest.

If the nest is at the top of the house, aim carefully and don't forget to ask someone to hold the ladder.

If the nest is in an easily accessible area, you can immediately water it with a bucket.


How to get rid of wasps with dish soap is very effective and is often used by housewives.

2. Use Vinegar

wasp in a jar

The next effective way to get rid of wasps is to spray vinegar on the nest.

Making a vinegar solution is quite easy, you only need to add a tablespoon of vinegar to a quarter of the water.

Then, pour it into a spray bottle.

This powerful herb is ready to attack wasp nests in your home.

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3. Camphor

how to get rid of wasps with mothballs

Besides being able to get rid of swarms of ants, camphor can repel wasps.

How to get rid of wasps' nests on the roof of this house is quite easy, put one to two chalk in a sock.

Then, hang it near the nest.

4. Lemon and Baking Soda

lemon and baking soda

Furthermore, a solution of lemon and baking soda is very hated by wasps.

The sour aroma makes these two ingredients an effective wasp repellent.

To use, simply spray the liquid directly into the wasp nest.

5. Garlic



Wasp insects are very resistant to strong odors.

Like, the smell of garlic.

Garlic powder is the best way as a natural insecticide to get rid of wasps.

Guaranteed, wasps will no longer dare to approach their nest in your house because of the strong smell of garlic!

6. Fizzy Drinks

how to get rid of wasps with soda

Pour the soft drink into a container, then put it in a place out of reach of children, people and animals.

The smell of the fizzy drink will attract the wasps and soon they will swarm it until it sinks into the coke water.

7. Pepper Spray

how to get rid of wasps

The last way to get the wasps out of the house is to use pepper spray.

Make a concoction in a cup of water, then add 6 tablespoons of ground pepper, and 3 tablespoons of chili powder.

Simmer for 15 minutes, then transfer to a spray bottle.

You can use this hot and spicy spray concoction directly by spraying it towards the wasp nest.

8. Use Burning Smoke

If you find wasp nests hanging from tree trunks, weaken these animals by using burning smoke.

The trick, pile up dry leaves and pieces of twigs right under the nest.

Burn the pile and let the smoke rise into the air.

Keep the fire and smoke burning for up to two hours.

The smoke that enters the nest will make it difficult for these animals to breathe and choose to leave the nest.

After this process is complete, beat the nest until it falls and burn it until it is charred.

This method can also repel bees that are on your house tree.

9. Wasp Special Insecticide

how to get rid of wasps

Getting rid of these insects one by one is certainly difficult, so it is advisable to do the extermination by targeting the nest.

The first way is to use special insecticides that can be purchased at chemical stores.

Insecticides are generally available in the form of sprays or aerosols.

In addition, you can also use powder insecticides.

Reporting from the Wikihow site, it turns out that the type of powder is considered more effective in repelling these animals.

Pour the insecticide into the container, then prepare a brush with the right size.

Spread the powder evenly on the hive.

In time the nest will turn stiff and the animals in it will weaken.

10. Do the Extermination at Night

how to get rid of wasps

Wasps are animals that are active during the day and weak at night.

So it is advisable to exterminate the nest when the sun has started to set.

You can use lighting aids, but don't choose white or yellow light.

It is recommended to use red lights because the light is not too bright.

In addition, do not forget to protect yourself to be safe from the dangerous stings of these animals.

If you don't have special clothes to get rid of insects, at least cover your whole body with thick clothes that are thick enough.

Also use a face shield, Friend 99!

11. Clean Up Leftover Food

dinner plate

Get rid of all leftover food quickly.

Even if you just enjoy dinner on the terrace, it will be very tempting for the wasps to come soon.

12. Use Wasp Traps

how to get rid of wasps

Wasp traps are very useful to occasionally provide a deterrent effect for them.

You can make a wasp trap out of a two-liter soda bottle.

Later, they will be easily attracted to fly into the trap, and will not be able to get out again by flipping the top of the soda bottle.

Follow the method as follows:

    Cut a few centimeters of a two-liter soda bottle
    Place it inside and out to the bottom of the bottle
    Tape the two pieces together
    Pour one-three centimeters of soda, or other sweet liquid into the trap

Once the wasp is trapped, remove the entire trap and build a new one.



13. Plant Wasp Repellent Plants

lemongrass plant pictures

Wasps are attracted to sweet-smelling flowers and plants, while other scents they do not like.

Plants that can repel common wasps and wasps include:

    Thyme herb
    Penny Royal

Be careful when using wormwood.

Box-shaped shrubs can be toxic to humans, small animals, and nearby flowers and plants.

Hopefully the tips above are useful for you.

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