Removing wasp nest - 4 simple steps you can practice

Removing wasp nest  -  4 simple steps you can practice



removing wasp nest

Removing wasp nest - The presence of a wasp nest, and its wasps in the house is often a problem. We are certainly afraid that wasps will sting us or pets.
Because, some types of wasps can be very painful and can even cause death. Then,
what to do if there are wasps or wasp nests in the house?
The answer is, let's face it. Get rid of the fear of being stung, while remaining cautious.

Eliminate wasp nests -4 simple steps you can practice yourself at home



1.Make sure you have checked every point of entry to the house

Check under the roof all over the house, along the mortar between the bricks, around all the joists and supports in the garage, veranda, and attic.
 Because wasps tend to build their nests anywhere on the top of the house that has access to and out. Try looking in the trees in the yard. These insects often make themselves comfortable on tree branches, especially since wood is their material of choice for building houses.

2. Make sure it's really a wasp's nest and not a wild bee's nest

 If it's a honeybee hive with a marked hexagon shape, it's important to leave it alone. These pollinators are an important but critically endangered part of the food chain. Wasp nests will be made of dead wood shavings, often gray or light brown in color and circular in texture. Once you have found and identified the nest, proceed with caution.

3. Use insecticide spray

Choose an insecticide aerosol spray or dust specifically designed to kill wasps, including the queen of the colony.
You can buy them online or at any major hardware or home improvement store. Spray the wasp nest only at night, when the wasps are less aggressive and slower to react.
Wear protective clothing (ideally covering as much skin as possible with long pants, long sleeves, socks, and footwear to prevent any stings) and be sure to follow the insecticide instructions on the package. Whichever method you choose,
Prepare an escape plan if wasps are seen swarming you. After spraying it at night, return to the nest in the morning and destroy it using a long stick or broom handle
 No matter how high the nest is, stay away from the stairs, because you won't know if there are any live wasps or not. For that, keep your distance from the nest, know the escape route so you can reach a safe place quickly.
Carefully remove the wasp's nest from its hanging place. When it falls to the ground, break it into pieces using the same stick, and reuse the pesticide of your choice on the inside of the piece. Then immediately remove the nests and dead wasps.
Vespa wasp nest on the roof


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4. Know when to call a professional wasp repellent

 Never try to remove the wasp nest yourself if you are allergic to wasp stings or the nest is difficult to reach. If you have a serious allergy, getting rid of wasps yourself can be life-threatening.
Check with your doctor to see if it's safe to exterminate the wasp nest yourself.
 Also at high risk are wasp nests that require ladders to remove. A swarm of wasps can easily knock you off the second floor,
 which can end up getting you injured and the medical bills you have to pay are far more expensive than the exterminators have to pay.

 Or, you can also directly contact the nearest fire department who will help you expel and eradicate the wasp nest safely.

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