selling face mask 3 play contains 50 pcs anti virus with rope and wire the first hand in Indonesia.

 selling face mask 3 play contains 50 pcs anti virus with rope and wire the first hand in Indonesia.



We sell 3 ply masks containing 50 pcs in which there are wires and ropes.
The price is very cheap because it is the first hand production in Indonesia

In the form of a box of 50 pcs.

Our products are designed to be very comfortable and easy to use for daily activities.

Having met European standards, this mask can be used at temperatures from 5 to 38 degrees Celsius.

While the bacteria filtering efficiency of this mask is 99 to 100%. And in the design the edges of this mask are smooth so they are not sharp.
The masks that we make are designed in a practical way that is easy to use for daily activities. Liquid ingress leak rate 9% screen inside and outside
. And we are lecturers to facilitate freedom and comfort when breathing.

Inhalation resistance at 30 L/min: <0.7 mbar
- Inhalation resistance at 95 L/min: <2.4 mbar
- Exhalation resistance at 160 L/min: <3.0 mbar
- Production 2020

Those who are interested please contact at this number the price is very cheap PROMO 1 box contains 50 pcs ONLY IDR 19 999 NORMAL price IDR 35 900

   tlp/ wa. telegram 081387 15 9775

Products are guaranteed to be original and satisfactory quality, we also accept orders in large quantities

There are several important reasons to wear a mask

1. Avoid exposure to viruses and air pollution

2. Wearing a mask can prevent transmission and spread of disease

3. Wearing a mask can protect the face from negative effects such as sunlight and pollution

How to choose the right and quality mask

As mentioned above, there are two types of masks commonly used in general, for example surgical masks and N95 masks for the 2 types of masks, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

1. The first is a surgical mask

This surgical mask serves to protect the respiratory tract from splashes of sneezes or coughs of others. This mask greatly prevents droplets of body fluids containing viruses and germs coming out through the nose or mouth.
While the weakness of this mask is that small particles such as viruses in the air can still be inhaled by us even though we wear this mask.

2. Namely N95 masks.

Why the N95 brand because it is suspected that it can filter particles in the air up to 95%.
For this N95 mask, it has been designed to fit the face and there are no gaps that allow the entry of viruses through the air.

In general, we wear masks, namely as a tool to protect or prevent and reduce the negative effects of germ pollution particles in the air that can interfere with our health.

But there is something we must pay attention to that wearing a mouth mask cannot be a perfect protector from viral and germ pollution, so there may still be a loose gap between the mask and the face.
In addition to wearing masks, we also have to be diligent in washing our hands, cleaning the house and staying indoors, exposure to pollution and keeping a distance from people who are sick to maintain our health and prevent the spread of disease to us.

That's a review or description about masks, for those who are interested, please contact us at 0813 8715 9775. We are always ready stock at affordable prices from the factory. Okay congratulations and good health always. Look forward to the next article on this metal

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