Shrimp And Grist_Uncover the Secret Recipe

 Shrimp And Grist_Uncover the Secret Recipe

Shrimp And Grist

Shrimp And Grist    Okay now we are going to make something that children will love to make themselves, namely How to make food dough from shrimp and wheat.
Come on, let's follow the steps below because the ingredients are very easy to get and we can make it ourselves at home.

 Shrimp and wheat. Food for baby MPASI 7 months old.

For Denpasar 7 month old baby

Materials we have to prepare first
1. A 5 peeled prawns
2. Carrots in small pieces
3. Half kg of sweet corn
4.100 grams of tempeh
5.1 small tomatoes
6.1 cloves of garlic and 1 clove of onion and one bay leaf
7.150 ML homemade frozen shrimp stock

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 Now let's go into the steps of making it, let's see it as follows

1. The first step we have to do is cut all the ingredients such as grits.

2. Then after that, sauté the garlic and onions until they smell good, then add the prawns and stir-fry at the same time

3. Then add enough water and wait until it boils

4. Add the shrimp broth until it's liquid because I put it in the freezer, but if it's liquid, just put it in.

5 then enter all the ingredients that have been provided and stir until evenly distributed, reduce the heat so that we can stay everywhere.

Those are the easy steps for making it, hopefully it's useful to try

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