shrimp pasta spicy . the family's favorite menu and easy to make

shrimp pasta spicy. the family's favorite menu and easy to make


shrimp pasta spicy


shrimp pasta spicy
   Spicy shrimp paste, the next dish, we will make a menu that is a favorite among us, namely spicy shrimp paste, for those who like spicy, it will be delicious.
Okay, let's follow the recipes on how to make it because the ingredients are very easy for us to find around us so it's not complicated in providing the ingredients that we have to prepare first.

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How to download make spicy shrimp paste

The materials we have to prepare first

1.250gram Marconi spiral boiled until soft

2. Provide fresh shrimp that we have cleaned the skin

3. 3 cloves of garlic, 2 cloves of red onion, all chopped until smooth.

4. Chili according to taste please those who like spicy can be given a lot

5. One spoon of paprika powder

6. One teaspoon of black pepper powder to taste butter

7. 1 tsp olive oil

8. Salt sugar and dried parsley

The manufacturing steps are as follows

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1 heat the garlic and onion cooking oil that we have mashed above until fragrant

2. Add paprika powder then black pepper and salt sugar.

3. Enter the Macaroni until it is mixed with the spices after that wait until it is cooked with the parsley leaves

4. Finally finished and ready to be served





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