TEA BAG-Even though we just dip it in, it turns out that behind all that when we brew tea in hot water, there are secret rules and procedures that we must all know together so that the tea tastes delicious. For that, let's follow these steps, later friends will get results Steeping tea will feel more optimal so that we can enjoy tea bags with our family.

Teabags are usually made of paper and plastic.
And these teabags are made of paper usually like kraft type which is coated with polyethylene plastic which has a function in hot gluing. In the paper industry for food packaging, chlorine compounds are no longer used for bleach and this requirement is included when applying for a product safety assessment.

  A polyethylene used for adhesive purposes does not melt at the boiling point of water, this is seen when a paper teabag is closed when brewed with hot water.
 And besides paper bags, a plastic tea bag can also be made of plastic such as nylon, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polylactic acid (PLA).
We need to remember that the teabags registered with the POM Agency have gone through several evaluations of food safety assessments, for example including the safety assessment of the packaging itself (teabags).
Then the safety assessment of a tea bag also requires the fulfillment of a migration limit both made of paper and plastic which has been stated in a Regulation of the Head of the POM Agency HK. of 2011 concerning Food Packaging Supervision.
 It is also important that as a protection for the community, a POM Agency always continues to carry out continuous monitoring of products that may not meet the requirements that have been set.
In addition, it is also recommended that people who require further information can contact the HALO BPOM Contact Center 1-500-533, SMS 0812-1-9999-533, e-mail halobpom@pom.go.id or the Consumer Complaints Service Unit ( ULPK) Balai Besar / POM Centers throughout Indonesia.

Let's look at each other's homes. The teabags that are usually available at home are usually black tea types. If one day a guest comes,
No wonder we will definitely serve it in the form of a teapot or large glass so that the brewing can be done only once. In addition , a black tea has indeed become one of the main choices of tea for most people around us . and if we just want to brew it in the form of a small cup, we only put one tea bag into the cup.

However, if you want to serve it to many people, you can brew it in a teapot. Then friends must ask.

How to get maximum results?

1. Pay attention to the teapot we use

There are many types of teapots available at home. Teapot To brew this tea, the teapot used is usually made from a glass ceramic base material, clay. Remember Before brewing, we also have to make sure our teapot has been rinsed with hot water, of course. This is done with the aim that the teapot is clean and the temperature is the same as the temperature of the tea we are brewing.Follow the 4 Correct Ways to Brew the Correct Teabag

2. Start brewing tea

Bil We use a teapot that is about 450 ml in size so it requires at least 2 teabags. How to Enter two tea bags in our teapot and pour hot water at a temperature of 95 degrees Celsius. After that let stand for 3-4 minutes. And if you want to produce a tea that is thicker in color like English tea, then you can let it sit for 5 minutes.

3. do the stirring and lift

The next step After brewing you can stir our teabags by turning the tea bag slowly. And after that we lift the tea bag.

4. Last stage Serve

The teabags that we have brewed in the teapot can be directly poured into a cup, glass or something else. we know that tea in this teapot is perfect for us to serve as a treat for guests who come to our house. We can serve this tea with a variety of sweet and savory pastries.

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