Teak outdoor furniture _5 steps to take proper care to keep it nice and durable

Teak outdoor furniture _5 steps to take proper care to keep it nice and durable


Teak outdoor furniture _ 5 Tips for Caring for Outdoor Furniture to Keep it Durable & Not Worn out You can't carelessly take care of it!
Furniture is an important component in the house. However, this furniture is not only placed inside the house, but also outside the house. If the maintenance of furniture inside the house tends to be easier, what happens is just the opposite with furniture outside the house.

This is because outdoor furniture is required to be resistant to rain and sunlight. Without regular and proper maintenance, your outdoor furniture can be damaged quickly because it is not strong enough with the weather outside. So, how to care for good outdoor furniture?
 Let's see directly in this article!

Teak outdoor furniture _5 steps to take pro

Teak outdoor furniture _5 steps to take proper care to keep it nice and durable

1. Use wood oil for wood products

One way to treat outdoor furniture made of wood is to use wood oil. Yup! Wood oil will act as a protector when your furniture is exposed to the hot sun. This wood oil serves to maintain moisture so that it can reduce the temperature of the sun's heat that hits the wood. Usually, this outdoor wooden furniture should be oiled after every six months.

2. Use a mixture of warm water and soap for aluminum ones

In contrast to furniture made of wood, furniture made of aluminum may be a little more complicated to maintain. That is, you have to make a solution of warm water and soap first. After that, use foam or cloth to wipe the aluminum furniture that you have and put outside the house. This is done so that the equipment can be more durable and long lasting.

3. A solution of water and soap is also suitable for plastic furniture

Well, just like the aluminum furniture you have, plastic furniture should also be treated using a solution of water and soap. You should do this regularly because plastic type outdoor furniture is often easily damaged or lost its color due to excessive sunlight. Use cloth or foam to wipe all parts of the furniture so that sunlight and rain water will not easily damage it.

4. Be careful with fabric furniture

5 Tips for Caring for Outdoor Furniture to Stay Durable & Not Lapukwestendcushionsandumbrellas.net/

One material that is a bit difficult to maintain is a cloth. The reason is, furniture made of cloth will be very easily damaged when exposed to sunlight or even rain. When exposed to rain, the fabric will easily rot. Meanwhile, when exposed to sunlight, the color of the fabric will easily fade and dull.
5. Even iron furniture must be maintained regularly

Just like the maintenance of aluminum and plastic furniture, your iron furniture at home must also be treated with a soap solution. Make sure to regularly take care of it, for example once a month so that the condition of your furniture is maintained. Don't let laziness and neglect make you have to lose outdoor furniture that you might really like.

To be sure, caring for outdoor furniture is indeed not easy. It takes discipline and patience to take care of furniture outside the home. Don't let laziness overpower you. The reason is, the risks that must be borne are not kidding. You may lose the things you really love.

Even though it's just ordinary furniture, you certainly can't ignore it, right? Try to not only use but also take care of the things you have. When the things you care for hold up well,
then you are among the smart people in managing your life needs.

Frequently asked questions and their solutions

teak wood furniture cleaning fluid

 Mix cup of vinegar and 1 cup of olive oil, then polish your teak furniture with the solution. – Second solution: mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of water, take a sponge and dip it into the solution, then apply it on the stain. If so, wipe the teak wood furniture to dry.

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How to take care of wooden tables and chairs so they are not easily damaged

    Clean With Warm Water. ...
    Put In Dry Place. ...
    3. Be careful when moving. ...
    Give a base to reduce the risk of damage. ...
    Immediately Cleans Stains. ...
    6. Do not put furniture near ventilation. ...
    7. Take advantage of shoe polish.

7 Tips for Caring for Wooden Furniture to Stay Durable (100% Effective)

    Store in a Normal or Dry Temperature. ...
    2. Always Use a Mat. ...
    3. Keep away from Paint or Liquid. ...
    4. Clean Periodically. ...
    Move Carefully. ...
    6. Use Anti-Termite and Anti-Fungal Drugs. ...
    7. Take advantage of the rest of the tea to clean wooden furniture.

Why is teak wood durable?
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The older the age of the tree, the greater the percentage of core wood so that more oil is produced. This oil makes teak wood resistant to termites and herbs

How long does teak last?
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Although the price is expensive, but its use can be up to 50-70 years at least. If divided per year, the investment of furniture made of teak wood is much more profitable than other types of wood which lasts for 20-30 years on average.

Why is teak wood resistant to termite attacks?
Teak tree is famous for its termite-resistant properties, because it is often used as a material for making furniture. The strong texture makes teak furniture resistant to termite attacks. ... Furniture is guaranteed to be more durable and resistant to attack by various types of termites

What are the disadvantages of teak wood?
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The weakness of teak is that it has a large gudal. Gudal wood I mean the midpoint of the wood. The midpoint of teak is usually larger than that of other woods. In addition, it is also very easy to peel off because it is like foam, and is generally white in color

What is solid teak wood?
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Solid wood is wood that is still pure. The wood is wood cut from the forest and can be directly used as material for making furniture. Some woods that can be classified as solid wood include teak, mahogany, trembesi, pine and so on.

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