the dangers of mercury fillings- Against human health

the dangers of mercury fillings- Against human health



the dangers of mercury fillings- Against human health

the dangers of mercury fillings-   This is one of the delicious and healthy foods for us, but this 1 animal is very at risk of containing high levels of mercury.
To avoid mercury in fish, let's look at the following discussion.

The world organization states that Mercury is one of the causes of health problems, mercury is a heavy metal that is naturally present in the country and in the air.

And not infrequently we find that mercury is found in factory waste after that factory waste will pollute rivers or water so that the octopus in the water will settle in the fish's body. then consumed by humans.

The dangers of mercury to human health

We know that mercury can enter the body in various ways, for example directly on the skin, inhaled air and the food consumed.

In very high levels, this mercury can damage the immune system, for example the brain, lungs, kidneys, fetuses, infants and children.
This can damage the nervous system and interfere with brain function.
Will result in decreased ability to think when they learn and think.
The higher the amount of mercury that enters our body, the more likely it is to have health problems.

Signs when we are affected by mercury

1. Very weak
2. Nerves such as tingling numbness and difficulty or inability to walk
3. Impaired body coordination
4. Visual disturbances occur even
5. Barriers to growth
6. Mental disorders and
7. Lung damage

We know that the level of mercury in the body of fish varies greatly depending on the age of the fish and the type of fish food.

The following are fish that contain a lot of mercury

a. Mackerel
b. tuna fish
c. shark
d swordfish
e. marlin
f tilapia

The solution to overcome all this to avoid the danger of mercury in fish

Some of the ways that we can do to avoid the dangers of mercury are as follows:

1. We can limit the consumption of contracted fish that contain high levels of mercury

2. Choose fish with low levels of mercury, such as catfish, tilapia, shrimp, salmon, anchovies and snapper.

3. Avoid consuming raw fish, especially for pregnant women

4. We can observe fish when buying and processed products, make sure the product has the logo of the Food and Drug Administration.

How to avoid consuming types of fish that contain a lot of mercury and how to cook properly can minimize the risk of being attacked by mercury.
We can prevent the dangers of mercury to our health and if we feel a complaint that can be suspicious of a complaint of mercury symptoms, we can immediately contact a doctor.

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