The Hidden Benefits of White Rats FOR Humans, curious, what are you doing?

The Hidden Benefits of White Rats FOR Humans, curious, what are you doing?

White Rats

White Rats. Yes, after we hear the title above, is it possible that a rat is able to provide benefits to humans, especially in terms of health. When we hear the word rat, we feel disgusted and we want to run away from these words as soon as possible.

White rats have prices ranging from 6 thousand to 10 thousand rupiah per head.

but we never know that there are rats that are able to give us benefits, namely the type of white rat.

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  The hidden benefits of mice FOR humans, curious, what are you doing?


1. as a craft material

In Indonesia, we know that there are many regions that use this raw material to turn it into a very expensive craft.

At first we were all disgusted by this mouse skin, Indonesian citizens were very diligent and tenacious to be used as raw materials for handicrafts including wallets, bags and even women's skirts,

This is very fantastic because the level of skill possessed by Indonesian citizens is very high with evidence of being able to turn completely useless raw materials into luxury goods that make money.



Wow, that's really great, but this is based on a survey in Indonesia. Don't try it, because we as Muslims, eating rats is illegal.


Rats are the main target for researchers to test what they want to produce. For example, research on drugs and so on.

why is rat the first choice in the trial?

because rats have a biological structure that is almost similar to humans, for this reason, apart from the cheap price, rats have become experimental tools for experts




 we know that besides rats also have benefits for humans, namely as pets, but here it is not sewer rats or shrews, huh....

what is meant here is a white mouse because the shape and body are very cute for us to make pets.



there is one type of rat, namely gian african pouched rats, we can use this type to track land mines in just a few hours, let's compare it if humans said it would take a few days to complete it.


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 if we want to keep it, then for the white rat food itself, whatever you want, please try it, for example, cakes and others

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