Pimple on the lip - what causes it 7and how to deal with it?

Pimple on the lip - what causes it 7and how to deal with it?


Pimple on the lip -

Pimple on the lip -If we are in daily life for someone who or we ourselves are affected by acne on the lips, it is very disturbing to our appearance, this skin can cause very painful inflammation on our lips.

For this pimple or lip acne, this is still a very normal category because what exactly this pimple can appear on any part of the body.

But just like other pimples, acne on the lips is very disturbing appearance and makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable.
Broadly speaking, acne is the production of oil and the accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores of the skin, dirt and oil, which causes the appearance of pimples on our lips.

In addition to dirt, there are several causes of the appearance of acne on the lips, namely as follows:

a. We wear the wrong cosmetics

If we have sensitive skin, how to use the product can harm the health of the facial skin, including this lip area
You have to be careful in choosing cosmetics, the risk of dry lips, chapped lips, we can avoid as far as possible.

b. We often use lip balm.

The use of lip balm is mandatory if you apply lip balm too often, it will increase the blockage of the pores

c. If you smoke too much

A lot of damage to the lungs, this smoking habit can also damage the health of our lips, which are attached to the lips, can make the outer lips dry, black and breakout.

d. There are hormonal changes in us.

Another wire is that there are hormonal changes in our bodies, hormones may be able to bring about changes in our bodies

Solution for acne-prone lips

1. Diligently clean your face and clean the lip area.

not only by using soap, you are asked to clean the lip area first with cleaning products to remove all the rest of the make-up that is still attached to the lips

2. Do a lip scrub

To restore the level of lip health, try using a lip scrub sold in beauty product stores.

3. Try using a drug similar to topical
Restore our lips, a type of topical acne medication that contains salicylic acid to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling on the lips.

4. Use the Tree Oil bag.

One natural ingredient that is believed to be able to relieve acne inflammation is tea tree oil.

5. Try compressing it with cold water or ice cubes.

Do jompres, this is able to relieve swelling and acne. In addition, compresses with cold water or ice cubes can also relieve the pain caused by the acne.

Here are the steps for the solution, friends, please practice, welcome to meet again on another occasion

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